London: Street Art Walking Tour


When I was down in London for New Designers, I decided that on my last day after New designers finished, I would take a little tour of different parts of London that I missed during my last visit.

Whilst I was down, I was recommended to go on the street art walking tour which takes place every Sunday in central London. This tour included the art of many artists including Banksy and Pure Evil (including a gallery featuring art from the artist and other street artists). This tour was very enjoyable and being a huge fan of street art, I loved getting to experience all of the hidden locations full of amazing art work.

We had walked around the area of Shoreditch which featured a lot of work including Banksy, Invader etc so here is some…of many! photographs from the tour.


SAM_2106 SAM_2107 SAM_1981 SAM_1982 1 SAM_1984 SAM_1985 SAM_1994 SAM_1995 SAM_1996 SAM_2008 SAM_2012 SAM_2013 SAM_2015 SAM_2016 SAM_2017 SAM_2018 SAM_2019 SAM_2043 SAM_2044 SAM_2045 SAM_2103 SAM_2104 SAM_2077 SAM_2064



TOMS. Love!

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I LOVE Toms. They have to be the most comfiest shoes that I have ever owned! As well as being a great shoe with a very good look, they also have a great cause. When I first heard about Toms, I heard about their cause and what they do for children in need.

This all started in 2006 with an American traveller names Blake Mycoskie who befriended children in Argentina. Whilst he was there, he noticed that these children did not have any shoes to protect their feet. From seeing this, he created Toms Shoes Company. A great company that when a pair of shoes is purchased in any country, a new pair of matching shoes is given to a child in need. Known as One for One. Later that year, Blake, his family and staff returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of Toms! made possible by each and every Toms customer. It shows how amazingly popular these shoes really are! Toms come in a lot of different colours, shapes and there is a huge variety to choose from. Here is a link to their site for some more information and their selection of great shoes. TOMS

The reason behind giving TOMS to these children was that most of them never had shoes and almost a lot of diseases, bacteria etc is sole – transmitted. They also protect their feet from any cuts that risk getting infected. I have never heard of any other shoes company that do this for a charity or in this case, a child in need. I think that they are very inspiring! What a great company!

So here is a few photographs of some of those pretty amazing shoes! I also found a lot of very interesting designs in amongst photographs that I have viewed!

I have navy ones just like these! mines are a little bit scruffy because I wear them a lot but I hope to get myself a new pair very soon!

Here is a few really interesting designs I found.

I think that a lot of the designs that I have found have been drawn on by either their owner or friends, family etc. I love this idea! As I am an art student and love drawing, I think the idea of creating my own design on a pair of TOMS would be a lot of fun! and a great little project. I will hopefully do it one day!

Hope you enjoyed this post. More soon!