Industrial Skyline

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hello again! recently my life has been taken over by art school (DJCAD) because of the ever looming degree show, which is in less than 3 weeks! ahhh Scary thought but i can’t wait to finally exhibit my years work and final collections. I have a series of collections ranging from fabric wall hangings to digitally printed and hand printed wallpapers to a wooden collection. Each has it’s own style but each link with each other so as to create one large geometric collection.

Each collection I have created has been influenced from Glasgow’s Shipyards which frame Glasgow’s grand historical skyline! Glasgow is my home town and it seemed only fitting to explore its history in more detail. My project has been inspired by the large geometrical structures which include an array of cranes, machinery and ships. The intertwining cranes and machinery create a beautiful silhouette full of geometrical shapes, linear detailing and pattern which has inspired me to re-create a collection which exhibits Glasgow’s history through a series of modern design work.

Here is a sneak peak of some of my design work so far!


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Glasgow’s Urban Landscape

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Hello! apologises for the lack of posting…been a bit lazy this summer (oops) and been researching my ideas for my project for my final year at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and design. Since geometrical shapes catch my eye and are influenced in a lot of my work, you guessed it, they will feature in my final year project!

As I am originally from Glasgow, I have decided to research into my own cities history and architecture as it is full of interesting and unique architecture. It various from traditional buildings and sculptures that date back as early as the 1930s (and earlier) to the beautiful architecture created today. For my project, I have been thinking about a few ideas that I could possibly research further and use as my inspiration such as the Glasgow Shipyards as the trading industry and shipbuilding industry was a huge part of what makes Glasgow an Industrial city! I researched the history of the shipyards and Trading industry as well as go out and take photographs for my primary research.

4 5 6 2740246369_6c0bf70f7e building_607 building_739





When I thought about Glasgow’s History, I thought of it’s industry and shipbuilding industry, so I was drawn to this as a first idea! The geometrical shapes and patterns caught my eye and I think that I could have a wide range of design possibilities that would fit in perfectly with my style of work.

Another idea that I have thought about is the many listed buildings and sculptures around Glasgow.  I researched the whereabouts of a few of these beautiful buildings and have still yet to go out and find more so I shall be making use of my time off to get some photography done.



Merchant City Building



Wasps Studios.



Beautiful building on George Square



Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, West End, Glasgow

glasgow_school_art_aw230509_5 Glasgow_Mercat_Cross_and_Mercat_Buildinggsa_southwest

Glasgow School of Art (Left and far Right) and Office Building (middle)



University of Glasgow, West End

P1030662_edited-719305 P1010537

St Andrews Square and Merchant City building.

These are a few of the buildings I have been looking at so far as my research is still undergoing. As well as looking at Glasgow’s Listed buildings, I have been inspired by it’s contemporary architecture such as the new Transport Museum on the Riverside as well as the many modern office buildings situated around the city centre.

Anyways! apologises again for the late post, hope you enjoy!


Experimenting with Lettering

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So for my new project for The Hallmark competition, I have been looking at typography and how I can incorporate textiles into it. It’s proving challenging! so…my sketchbook is looking more Graphic Design than a Textiles sketchbook at the moment. Which I don’t mind as I actually am really enjoying experimenting with something new. This project so far is allowing me to experiment with various styles of typography and illustration so I have enjoyed be able to research a new style and elements of another design specialism.

Some typography inspiration.

tp1 tp2



Inspiration:Bradford Project

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I recently found a photograph on PATTERNITY that I really love! It’s simple but very effective and I think it gives a lot of information for design. This photograph is from a piece of architecture (I think from the roof of a building).

Natalie Sharp

Natalie Sharp

I was really inspired from this photograph because I feel it suits my project extremley well and represents the geometric graphic print that I want to achieve in my final outcomes! Here are some sketches from sketchbook.





I used a selection of different papers for collage (recycled, heavy weight, light weight, newsprint etc) I really like this colour palette because it’s quite graphic but doesn’t have too many vibrant colours that would perhaps make it too intense. The next series of photographs are collage pieces that I was experimenting with today so that I could start to create my final outcomes. My main factors for these pieces were:

  • Placement
  • Colour
  • Geometrical Shapes
  • Repeat Design

As my brief is based for a fashion context, repeat pattern is very important and I feel the best key to an eye-catching graphic fashion print!

IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618

Rate me! or let me know what you think!




Geometrical Design : Bradford

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Hello! so recently I have been working on my project based on one of the Bradford Competition briefs. As I had focused on Interiors in my last projects, I decided to create designs for a fashion context. Focusing on fashion again has brought me back to when I studied Fashion Textiles two years ago so it feels good to get back into it!

For this project, I have been focusing on geometric shapes/prints/designs. My main inspiration for this project was taken from a section of my last project for the RSA Competition (Tactile Textiles: Collage and More post!) I have been focusing on triangles and various placements to make a non-directional design. Here are some of my outcomes so far!

SAM_1517 SAM_1541 SAM_1534  SAM_1566 SAM_1558








For these designs, I just experimented with cut paper and the photocopy machine! I kept to a mono-chrome theme as I wanted to highlight the designs more and for which would be best suited for printing. This process has helped me realise the designs and what I can progress on to next to develop them!

As I want to focus on fashion, I have been researching into various Fashion Designers that have created geometrical designs and prints within their collections.  When I thought of geometrical prints, my mind immediately was drawn to the Balmain Resort 2012 collection.

b balmain-resort-ss12

b la-modella-mafia-Balmain-Resort-2012-Tribal-Print-Shopping-Inspiration-2

I love this collection! the geometrical design relates very well to my project and style of work so I think that is one of the many reasons to why I am drawn to it! There are countless many more designers that feature geometrical print so it would be impossible to show them all! That was a little brief overview into my project so far…more to come!


Tactile Textiles: Collage and More

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So from my last project (and post some time ago!) I had based my theme around commuting and how I could change and make the commute a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. For this, I decided to focus on children and create a Textile/Surface design that they could interact/learn from and enjoy whilst on public transport. Therefore, making the daily commute much more enjoyable for all commuters.

Here is a link to a previous post with more information on the brief and a few photographs/drawings of sketchbook work.

Project Work So Far…

As I had never updated (due to being quite busy with the project! sorrrry) here are some photographs of my development, sketches and outcomes.























The photographs below are a few of my final outcomes and print designs for this project. Throughout this project, I experimented with a pigment known as “Puff Binder”. Puff Binder is a type of pigment used in Screen Printing. To create this effect, you apply your puff binder to your screen, pull through and then place your design underneath a hot air gun and then watch the magic happen! Once the hot air is applied, the design should “puff” up and create a three-dimensional effect. This technique fitted in extremely well with my theme as I wanted to create a design that you could interact with and actually touch instead of just observing. I think this sort of design would appeal more to children and this is why I chose to explore this technique for my project!
















Project work so far!

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Hello! so recently, I have been doing a lot of research for my latest project in uni. This semester, I am focusing on the RSA brief “The Good Journey”. This brief asks us simply to improve our daily commute and make it more enjoyable. This brief relates very well to me because I am a regular commuter (I commute from Glasgow to Dundee every weekend) and I know some of the commuting problems that happen whilst on trains.  My aim is to create an interesting environment for families on trains using interesting and tactile print designs and create interesting textured and sensory surface designs.

Here is some photographs showing my progress so far!

Mind map for inspiration!






These images show some of my research and as you may have guessed, I have been looking into children’s games and puzzles for my inspiration!

This is my handmade dolls house made by my grandad 🙂 I loved it! …still do even though it currently lives in my loft! since I wanted to take inspiration from children’s toys, I thought this little dolls house would be a nice object to take inspiration from.





I tried to create a textured surface that is similar to the texture on the doll’s house exterior. I also found a rocking horse, a little wooden puppet and many other little toy treasures in my loft so hopefully they will provide me my inspiration for this project!

As I am looking into creating interesting surface design and create interesting tactile prints, I have been experimenting with paper to create interesting 3D pattern.




That’s my progress at the moment so there will be a lot more to come over the next couple of weeks!


Etch a Sketch

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Hello! so as well as my main module of study at University, I had been given the opportunity to chose another from a wide selection from design and fine art modules. I decided to choose Print and Printability because I am very interested in printing and wish to learn more techniques and experience new printing process’.  So far, I have been learning a technique that I have always liked but never had a chance to do so it has been really interesting so far.

The printing technique that I have been learning is known as Intaglio Printing, also known as, etching.  For anyone who is unsure about etching, it is basically creating a design on a sheet of metal,wood etc and then putting the plate in acid so that the etching process can happen! Before the acid bath, the plate must be prepared beforehand and then placed on a hotplate so that you can apply the ground to work from. After the ground is on, you can then use an etching needle and draw away! After you have completed your design, you then place the plate in the acid bath and the acid will react and engrave the lines into the metal. However, to create different tones, you must have set times for your plate to be in the acid for example, if you want finer lines, you would only need it for a few minutes and if you want deeper, you simply leave it in for longer. Once you are happy with everything and you have you paper or material ready, it’s ready for the press and ready to be printed!

For more in depth info… Intaglio Printing only a Wikipedia link but they gave a good description!

So here is a print that I had created and started working on today!

The design I have based my Intaglio print is influenced by my summer project and a building that I seen whilst in London during the summer!

Plate design drawn into the carbon and ground.

First Intaglio print done!

Print on cream and white paper…testing different effects.

Well that was my first go and I am very pleased with the results! more soon!!

Project Continued…Some Sharpie Madness!

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So recently for my project, I have been looking into interesting buildings in and around Glasgow. One particular building I have been looking at is the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) on Royal Exchange Square. I have been doing some quick sketches of the inside and outside as they are both equally as interesting as each other. It’s worth a little look if you ever find yourself in Glasgow! and it’s FREE. Woo.

I have been using one of my favourite forms of media for these drawings as I find that I can work well with it and I feel it reflects my preferred style of work…I hope!


I got inspired by the highly patterned floor that was in the Gallery a little while ago. It was all black and white stripes all curving into different sections. I found it very interesting and very eye-catching…loved it!




I created some rough fine line sketches of sections of the outside of the Gallery. The building itself is very interesting and full of very intricate details. It’s an older style of building so it’s quite funny because it’s suppose to be the Gallery of Modern Art and the building is of an older style! Never judge a book for it’s cover that’s for sure.


Finally…I bought a 3D Sketch Pad a couple of months ago so decided to take the inspiration from the patterned floor and see hat it would look like in 3D. For the 3d to work properly, it is best to draw in black pen…so perfect for me as it’s my favourite media at the moment!


Hope you liked what I have so far!



Collage Madness.

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For my current project so far, I have been experimenting with collage…something I like to use a lot! as you can maybe tell from some of my previous work. I have been working on my development stages of the project so far and have taken my inspiration from a section of design that I was drawing from a stack of coins. In my last post, It shows this drawing as it is he same pattern however, instead of the black and white…I have introduced colour!

Out of curiosity, I placed the last two pieces against my window just to see the effect as they have some transparent and cut out sections.

I really liked the effect, I thought it was interesting in how it appear on the window and if it was a sunny day…sadly, I missed my opportunity as the sunny weather is gone! typical Scotland eh? anyway, I think it would have really brought out the colours within the collage.

I have been looking at birds for part of this project because as I am basing my project on Slovenian Currency, I noticed they had birds on their coins and I was particularly interested by the birds. In particular, I have been looking at the swallow and it’s wings.

This is one of my first pages of the bird theme in my sketchbook! much more to come later!

oh and there is more collage!

I focused on the wing here as I wanted to emphasise the shapes of the feathers. I really liked the outcome of this drawing and I think it has inspired me to creat more interesting shapes that I can incorporate with the currency.

So it’s safe to say that I have used a lot of collage! I do like the effect though! Promise to widen my range of media at some point.

Anyway, that is what I have so far (on the collage front anyway!) more drawings to come as deadline day is slowly approaching so I shall keep you all updated!