New Designers 2014

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Hello! I have recently came back from London as I was exhibiting at New Designers 2014. I was only there for a week but it was an exciting…slightly stressful and eventful visit. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend for anyone to visit. The amount of design work shown from Universities and Colleges throughout the UK was incredible!   I was exhibiting at the T40 and T44 stand. DJCAD, University of Dundee. I featured each of my collections – which was a miracle considering it was a little space! However, even though it was small, I feel it showed my design work well due to it’s location in the main exhibition space!  Here is a preview of my show!

Lots of pattern! My aim as a designer is to create beautiful surface pattern design inspired by the world around us. For this particular set of collections, they have been inspired by Glasgow’s Shipyards and the powerful structures which frame the city of Glasgow. Glasgow is my hometown so it was great for me to do more research into the city’s history in order to create my design work.  As part of my aim for these collections, highlighting Glasgow’s Shipbuilding heritage was an important factor for creating my designs as it encouraged me to design for a public commercial spaces so that I may re-introduce Glasgow’s Industrial heritage.


wpid-img_20140625_223914.jpg wpid-img_20140625_121548.jpg


Industrial Skyline

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hello again! recently my life has been taken over by art school (DJCAD) because of the ever looming degree show, which is in less than 3 weeks! ahhh Scary thought but i can’t wait to finally exhibit my years work and final collections. I have a series of collections ranging from fabric wall hangings to digitally printed and hand printed wallpapers to a wooden collection. Each has it’s own style but each link with each other so as to create one large geometric collection.

Each collection I have created has been influenced from Glasgow’s Shipyards which frame Glasgow’s grand historical skyline! Glasgow is my home town and it seemed only fitting to explore its history in more detail. My project has been inspired by the large geometrical structures which include an array of cranes, machinery and ships. The intertwining cranes and machinery create a beautiful silhouette full of geometrical shapes, linear detailing and pattern which has inspired me to re-create a collection which exhibits Glasgow’s history through a series of modern design work.

Here is a sneak peak of some of my design work so far!


1 19 18 17 16 15 14final 11 final q5 6 7

Inspiration:Bradford Project

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I recently found a photograph on PATTERNITY that I really love! It’s simple but very effective and I think it gives a lot of information for design. This photograph is from a piece of architecture (I think from the roof of a building).

Natalie Sharp

Natalie Sharp

I was really inspired from this photograph because I feel it suits my project extremley well and represents the geometric graphic print that I want to achieve in my final outcomes! Here are some sketches from sketchbook.





I used a selection of different papers for collage (recycled, heavy weight, light weight, newsprint etc) I really like this colour palette because it’s quite graphic but doesn’t have too many vibrant colours that would perhaps make it too intense. The next series of photographs are collage pieces that I was experimenting with today so that I could start to create my final outcomes. My main factors for these pieces were:

  • Placement
  • Colour
  • Geometrical Shapes
  • Repeat Design

As my brief is based for a fashion context, repeat pattern is very important and I feel the best key to an eye-catching graphic fashion print!

IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618

Rate me! or let me know what you think!




Tactile Textiles: Collage and More

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So from my last project (and post some time ago!) I had based my theme around commuting and how I could change and make the commute a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. For this, I decided to focus on children and create a Textile/Surface design that they could interact/learn from and enjoy whilst on public transport. Therefore, making the daily commute much more enjoyable for all commuters.

Here is a link to a previous post with more information on the brief and a few photographs/drawings of sketchbook work.

Project Work So Far…

As I had never updated (due to being quite busy with the project! sorrrry) here are some photographs of my development, sketches and outcomes.























The photographs below are a few of my final outcomes and print designs for this project. Throughout this project, I experimented with a pigment known as “Puff Binder”. Puff Binder is a type of pigment used in Screen Printing. To create this effect, you apply your puff binder to your screen, pull through and then place your design underneath a hot air gun and then watch the magic happen! Once the hot air is applied, the design should “puff” up and create a three-dimensional effect. This technique fitted in extremely well with my theme as I wanted to create a design that you could interact with and actually touch instead of just observing. I think this sort of design would appeal more to children and this is why I chose to explore this technique for my project!
















Project Continued…Some Sharpie Madness!

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So recently for my project, I have been looking into interesting buildings in and around Glasgow. One particular building I have been looking at is the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) on Royal Exchange Square. I have been doing some quick sketches of the inside and outside as they are both equally as interesting as each other. It’s worth a little look if you ever find yourself in Glasgow! and it’s FREE. Woo.

I have been using one of my favourite forms of media for these drawings as I find that I can work well with it and I feel it reflects my preferred style of work…I hope!


I got inspired by the highly patterned floor that was in the Gallery a little while ago. It was all black and white stripes all curving into different sections. I found it very interesting and very eye-catching…loved it!




I created some rough fine line sketches of sections of the outside of the Gallery. The building itself is very interesting and full of very intricate details. It’s an older style of building so it’s quite funny because it’s suppose to be the Gallery of Modern Art and the building is of an older style! Never judge a book for it’s cover that’s for sure.


Finally…I bought a 3D Sketch Pad a couple of months ago so decided to take the inspiration from the patterned floor and see hat it would look like in 3D. For the 3d to work properly, it is best to draw in black pen…so perfect for me as it’s my favourite media at the moment!


Hope you liked what I have so far!



Collage Madness.

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For my current project so far, I have been experimenting with collage…something I like to use a lot! as you can maybe tell from some of my previous work. I have been working on my development stages of the project so far and have taken my inspiration from a section of design that I was drawing from a stack of coins. In my last post, It shows this drawing as it is he same pattern however, instead of the black and white…I have introduced colour!

Out of curiosity, I placed the last two pieces against my window just to see the effect as they have some transparent and cut out sections.

I really liked the effect, I thought it was interesting in how it appear on the window and if it was a sunny day…sadly, I missed my opportunity as the sunny weather is gone! typical Scotland eh? anyway, I think it would have really brought out the colours within the collage.

I have been looking at birds for part of this project because as I am basing my project on Slovenian Currency, I noticed they had birds on their coins and I was particularly interested by the birds. In particular, I have been looking at the swallow and it’s wings.

This is one of my first pages of the bird theme in my sketchbook! much more to come later!

oh and there is more collage!

I focused on the wing here as I wanted to emphasise the shapes of the feathers. I really liked the outcome of this drawing and I think it has inspired me to creat more interesting shapes that I can incorporate with the currency.

So it’s safe to say that I have used a lot of collage! I do like the effect though! Promise to widen my range of media at some point.

Anyway, that is what I have so far (on the collage front anyway!) more drawings to come as deadline day is slowly approaching so I shall keep you all updated!

A peek in my sketchbook!

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it’s been a while since I last showed some of my current project work so I believe it’s time for an update! From before, I showed some work from the first section of my project and that was drawings/paintings etc of different things that are associated with my identity and being indecisive. I had been drawing objects that mean a lot to me and thing’s that I can’t decide whether to throw away or even put away somewhere..they mean to much to me so wouldn’t want to hide them! For example, I have drawn an award from my HND in Fashion Textiles given to me by the rest of my class! so it was a very meaningful and fun award as everyone got a little hand-made textile related award.

Here is a photo of this award. I think it’s really interesting and cute! and sums me up and this theme for my project VERY well.

I recently found something else that also means a lot to me and it’s something I would never ever throw away. To make more sense of it, I have to say that I am a big fan of music, both listening and playing! I have played the trumpet since I was in 2nd at secondary school and before I decided to study Textiles, I had thought about studying music! I playing in a couple of orchestras and various bands as well. Was great fun! sadly, I do not have a lot of time to play anymore due to my course studies…sadface. Although, I have thought about bringing my trumpet up for the new semester and join the music groups in my University! So…to get to my first point again, the object that means a lot to me that I had recently found was a tuning fork. Something very random indeed but it was given to me by someone very special who is sadly not here anymore. My Grandad. So I will always treasure this object as it reminds me of a lot of wonderful memories.

This is the tuning fork!

 it’s quite a simple object but is quite meaningful to me as it reminds me of the musical memories and of course, the person who gave it to me.

So for the next section of my project, I had to develop my drawings and create some design ideas for screen printing. This part of the project had focused on the ideas of stacks of collections as I think it links with my first theme based on my collection of objects. I looked at objects such as magazines that I have collected but do not want to throw away even if I have read them already. It is something a lot of magazine lovers do so it’s a very common collectible! would definitely love to get a magazine subscription at some point. Anyway, I had also looked at the idea of Hoarding as I found out that one of the traits of hoarding is indecisiveness!…potential hoarder maybe?

One of the stacked items that I looked at that I personally don’t collect myself, was stacks of newspapers or bound newspapers. Reason being, I found a few images online that I really liked as I found them very interesting and they appealed to my style of work. I feel that my work has a much more graphic style so the mono-chromatic colour scheme appealed to me! However, for this project, I wanted to introduce some colours so I had introduced highlights of a pastel pink and turquoise. I used these highlight colours in my prints as well as well as the blacks, grey and areas of white. However, I feel it has been a bit of trial and error as I feel they have not worked as well as I would have hoped. Therefore, I think I am going to mix up a new set of colours and use some of the colours that fit in a lot better with the mono-chromatic colour scheme and work on some linen fabric as oppose to silk. Reason being, I found the silk hard to work on as the printing dye bled a lot within this fabric!….So, I am definitely going to work on something a bit more sturdy!

Here is some photographs of some current sketchbook work relating to this side of the project!


The above drawing was a development idea from stacks of collected magazines. I really like this drawing because of the interesting placement of collage and use of small highlighted colours. When I was thinking about re-doing my colour palette, I was thinking about either taking a small highlighted colour from one or two of my drawings so perhaps the above mixed media piece or this mixed media piece:

I think that some of these colours from either of the two photographs above will compliment my mono-chromatic colour theme. I definitely want to continue on with my greys, smoky whites and blacks!…My neutrals colours I think and then add a hint of a much more complimentary colour.

Have a look at some of my other photographs of current work! There is also a few of my sample prints as well but they are not finalised.

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Hoped you enjoyed this very long post! I do go on a lot sometimes..



Project work so far!

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Hello again! so my project for this semester is based on Identity and Culture and for this project, DJCAD is linked with two other art schools, one of which is in Texas and another in Slovenia. It has been a really interesting project so far and I am really enjoying exploring my theme for my sketchbook work!

My project is based on how indecisive I am ( a miracle that I actually decided to do this theme!) I have been looking at different objects such as: Things that I have collected and gifts that I have kept from over the years ( Jewellery, magazines, books, perfume bottles, dream catchers etc…). I have also been looking at things that help make people make decisions such as: Coins, dice?, magic 8 ball etc. Currently looking for more decision maker objects to draw so if anyone has any ideas that would be great!.

As my sketchbook has progressed, I have started to look at stacks of things that people collect such as: newspapers, magazines, dvds, cds etc. I don’t collect newspapers but I have been drawing a few and I really like some of the drawings that I have came up with. I am currently drawing some stacks of my magazine collections and working with different media’s. I have also worked out a nice colour palette ( well, I like it!) a few pastel colours and some greys/blacks/whites that are taken from the newspapers.

I have been considering a few different ideas that I could possibly progress onto with my theme. I firstly thought of hoarding because I found out that a key trait of a hoarder is someone that is very indecisive! (like myself) and someone who is a bit of a perfectionist as they always worry that something may not be up to a certain standard. A hoarder is basically someone who accumulates objects that they think they will need in the future. I also considered looking at being superstitious and the objects associated with that as I have a few dream catchers. Finally…I have considered looking at objects that help people make decisions and then lead on to the hoarding idea.

So…that’s a bit of my project so far! take a little look at some of the photos 🙂

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Indecisive. A part of my identity?

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In my last post, I described some of my current project so far so thought I would show you all some of the current drawings that I have been working on in my sketchbook!

There is a range of objects from things that help make decisions to objects that I have kept because I couldn’t decide whether to put them away…Things that are gifts, random little objects, jewellery etc. I do however, keep objects that have been given to me because I do love everything gift I have been given as they each have different memories attached. However, I am still such a bad decision maker it’s unreal! Guess that’s part of what makes me who I am!

So here is some of my current sketchbook work.

Heads or Tails?

Textile Award

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Hope you liked my sketchbook so far! More very soon!

Little Bird


So I was little bored and was thinking about different designs for a possible tattoo and I’ve always seem to fall back on the idea of a little swallow. It may not be a final idea for a tattoo as I am constantly changing my mind! I’m so indecisive it’s unreal!

So here is a little swallow that I was drawing/painting today! I put in my own colours so as to make it much more eye-catching!

my little bird:)

This drawing was firstly drawn in pencil and then I added light watercolours and then topped it off with some fine line pen! my comfort zone as it would appear! I am really happy with the result and style of the overall drawing.

This was a little short but sweet post from me but I hope you liked it!