Mind Map Assignment 1

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For this very first assignment, I had to create two mind maps based on the style of the mind maps in The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan. These mind maps are both based on The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. The first of the mind maps was a general mind map based on each chapter of the book and outlining each important point (either from the book or memory as much as possible!) So, here it is!

Activity 1A

Making this mind map has made The Tipping Point much more memorable as basically every chapter is laid out in front of you and you have a clear idea on what happens within each chapter without having to go back to the book again. I have went into a lot of detail but I feel that in order for me to remember every key point from each chapter, I have to have all the key information and as much facts as I could possibly cram in! Also, it made me realise that within this book, sections are repeated again and again, for example, Hush Puppies, Seseame Street…

For the next mind map, I had to pick my favourite chapter and do a detailed mind map outlining main points and references from The Tipping Point, I particularly liked the chapter: The Power of Context (Part One), Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime. So, here is the mind map!

Activity 1B & 1C

I found this chapter quite interesting (as well as some others!) but this one jumped out more when I came to choose.

Activity 1D

Bibliography of Mind Maps/The Tipping Point.

Overall, I found “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell a particularly compelling read due to his facts and the different stories involved. It made me think about his thoughts, his theories and how they effected everyday life. Some of them, when I thought about it, I could actually see happening or had happened. For example, when he discussed in detail about Connectors, Maven’s, Salesmen etc. So check it out if you haven’t read it already! The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell



Fingal’s Cave. Mysterious!

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For my first project as a 2nd Textiles Student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, our brief is entitled “Natural Pattern”. For this project, I have decided to approach it using crystals, fossils and rock formations as my inspiration for natural pattern. I didn’t want to just draw floral’s as I have done that before and wanted to experiment with something new and different. Crystals, Rock formations and fossils are all natural and have formed over time thus, they fit in perfectly with my brief of Natural Pattern! I am really happy with the beginning of this project so far (and the theme especially! love crystals!). At the moment, I feel that I have taken a much more graphical/geometrical approach so far and I hope to expand this idea and put my own unique twist on things.

During a tutorial, my lecturer gave me some really great advice to research a place in Scotland called Straffa. Straffa is an inhabited island near Iona and is home to Fingal’s Cave. Fingal’s Cave is a sea cave on this island. It is a very unique and beautiful cave that is sadly not seen as much by tourists as it rightly should due to it’s location. It is formed by hexagonally jointed basalt columns – similiar to The Giants Causeway in Northern Island. I went to the Giant’s Causeway when I was younger and I found it very interesting and awe -inspiring as it was not man-made and was completely formed by the natural enviroment. It was formed by three lava outflows known as the Lower, Middle and Upper Basaltic. To get so more scientific info about it all, Google the Giant’s Causeway! We love Google for the unanswerable question’s we all have.

These are images of Fingal’s Cave and the above image frames the island of Iona – quite hard to see on this image but it is in the distance somewhere! I am going to look at this source for a part of my project as it has very unique and interesting rock formations and they link in very well with the other elements in my theme – Crystals,Fossils,Rocks.

An example of some of the types of objects I will be looking at for inspiration. I recently got my own so will be experimenting with them and getting as much design possibilities as I can from them.

These are some sketches from my first sketchbook – drawings that are more recent and that have given me a better idea of what direction I want this project to go in. They are quite graphic and geometrical however, I really like to work in this way (a sort of comfort zone) and I hope to further explore this idea and experiment to make it more personal and unique. Only had my phone camera so apologies for quality!

Well this is only a little sneak peak to what I have so far so more to come later on! Bye bye for now!


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Hello! I was recently researching some Textile/Fashion designers and came across a few that I thought I’d share because I find them quite interesting and inspiring. I got two books out of the library for this research and the first book was:

  •  New Fashion Print by Martin Dawber and the second was:
  • Textiles Now by Drusilla Cole.

They took a while to find but I’m very glad that I found them because they introduced me to a lot of new designers/companies that I had never looked at before and gave me a better insight to the world of Textiles and Fashion.

I will only mention a couple because there is so many great designers from those books & there is not enough space for them all here! So hopefully you enjoy the next section of this post…or at least find it interesting enough!

There is a few that I can’t get online due to their blog’s being restricted etc etc but if you ever get those books, check them out! They are Vicki Fong, Jillian Cole (Graduate of DJCAD!) and Gina Pipét. I couldn’t find those but knowning my luck, I won’t be able to find another few so here’s hoping I get something for you all to look at!

One designer I did get though was Rupert Newman. He studied at University College Falmouth and while he was there he experimented with his own style of mono-printing and discovered how to repeat the original motif with a roller. From this, he produced wallpaper designs and from the collection he created, he focused his creative ambitions into the world of Textile Design using the digital print facilities of Falmouth. Before this, he went to Sherborne School in Dorset – where he grew up – and developed his own distinctive style while studying an art movement called Rayonism, a Russian movement in the early 1900’s where the artist’s paint the rays of light that are reflected from objects rather than the objects themselves. It was from this project that his artwork has had a kaleidoscope look.

These are two pieces of art from one of his sketchbooks. I really like both of these in particular as they are quite colourful and quite unusual. they represent his kaleidoscope style very well. Also, I think that they are quite graphic and eye-catching. Well, they caught my eye! as I find graphic and more illustrative art quite interesting and I particularly like approaching my own work in this way as well. If you want to see more, checkout his website here! Rupert Newman.

Another designer I want to show you is Longina Phillips. She has her own company that goes by the name of Longina Phillips Designs. She grew up in Poland but now lives in Sydney,Australia where has studio now is. Her studio/business includes herself and a team of designers based in Surry Hills, close to Sydney. She studied at the University of Technology, Sydney and studied Visual Communications. She is inspired by the world around her and particularly likes bold/very strong graphics, uncluttered statements and everything that is beautifully drawn.

These pieces are from her current womanswear collection. I particularly like these as I really like the colours and the beautiful details in each design.

This is a sample design from her swimwear collection.

This is a sample piece from her menswear collection. I could go on and on showing you all her wonderful and very interesting designs but I don’t want to bore you…especially if your not a fan of this particular designer! Thought I would show anyway!. For more of her designs, check out her site. Longina Phillips Designs

Those designers are from the New fashion Print book by Martin Dawber. Great book! have a look! Textiles Now by Drusilla Cole was the other book I took out for research. I found this book particularly interesting as it not only showed me new textile/fashion designers, it introduced me to new styles/techniques that are very unique and interesting! The first designer I want to show is Jeung-Hwa Park. I think that her work is very unique and very beautifully approached.  She is a Textile Designer and here are some examples of her interesting work! These examples look very fine and delicate as well as being very unique and textural.

More examples or her work are on her website, check them out here! Jeung-Hwa Park

Lastly, one more designer to show you! Carole Waller. Here is some examples of her very interesting and unique work!

For the whole collection (those pieces included), she hand painted her designs as it makes them much more personal and unique. I really like this approach to creating a design on fabric and this is something I will consider when it comes to the fabric sampling stage. To see more from this wonderful designer, check out her site! Carole Waller

So that was a quite a long blog today! but hope you enjoyed everything and found something inspiring like I did! Bye bye for now!

illustration designs.


For my next blog (well my first official one since the previous one was helped by my lecturer for a module) I wanted to show an illustration artist known as Johanna Basford.

Johanna Basford is graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and since then has become a successful illustrator. She has her degree in Printed Textiles (a degree that I hope to achieve! ). I really like the overall look of her work as it is quite graphic and precise. To me, her work is really inspiring & very eye-catching as it is a similar media and style that I really enjoy working with & hope to explore more within my degree course!

This is one of many piece’s of work that I find really interesting and to make it even more amazing, all her work is hand drawn as she feels that computer drawing is cold and emotionless thus, she believe hand drawn works of art show energy and excitement…just how each work of art should be!

if you want to see more, check the site out! Johanna Basford

Anyways, that was just a little insight from me…or just rambling but hope you enjoyed my (kind of) first post. So goodbye until next time!

Pillow Talk. Little Riot.

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Joanna Montgomery, a previous graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design has recently been creating a brand new product called:

Pillow Talk! Pillow talk is a glowing pillow that allows you to hear the heartbeat of your boyfriend. partner etc if the couples do not live together or one who may be away for a certain period of time.

This designers company can be found on her site Little Riot so give it a little look and see what you think!

Check out the video …