Glasgow Shipyard: Light Collection

Glasgow’s Shipyards normally have a darker exterior because of the cold metals, machinery and larger ships such as navy ships and cranes. My primary focus has been the cranes as they frame the industrial skyline and have become key landmarks in Glasgow’s industrial heritage.

When creating etch of my collections, I wanted to create a light and dark collections I wanted to create a contrast as well as add a modern twist to Glasgow’s history. The light collection has created a more delicate style to my designs and I feel they help convey a much more contemporary and unusual approach to Glasgow’s powerful industrial background.

This collection combines geometrical surface design which originated from sketchbooks combined with historical blue prints. This was important as I wanted to re-introduce the audience to Glasgow’s history as the shipyards and trading history have made Glasgow the city it has become today.

Colour palette combines neutrals such as cream and grey combined with pale greens, blacks, Smokey whites and oranges. A complete contrast to its darker collection and I feel they both complement each other very well.

IMG_02109 3 2 19


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