London: Street Art Walking Tour


When I was down in London for New Designers, I decided that on my last day after New designers finished, I would take a little tour of different parts of London that I missed during my last visit.

Whilst I was down, I was recommended to go on the street art walking tour which takes place every Sunday in central London. This tour included the art of many artists including Banksy and Pure Evil (including a gallery featuring art from the artist and other street artists). This tour was very enjoyable and being a huge fan of street art, I loved getting to experience all of the hidden locations full of amazing art work.

We had walked around the area of Shoreditch which featured a lot of work including Banksy, Invader etc so here is some…of many! photographs from the tour.


SAM_2106 SAM_2107 SAM_1981 SAM_1982 1 SAM_1984 SAM_1985 SAM_1994 SAM_1995 SAM_1996 SAM_2008 SAM_2012 SAM_2013 SAM_2015 SAM_2016 SAM_2017 SAM_2018 SAM_2019 SAM_2043 SAM_2044 SAM_2045 SAM_2103 SAM_2104 SAM_2077 SAM_2064



Street Art

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Hello! so I know I have posted about some street art before but after watching (online) an episode of The Apprentice about street artists, it inspired me to research into some artists that are not fully well known…YET!

One artist from the TV programme that really stood out to me was an artist known as Copyright. Unfortunately, I could not put any of his images here but here is his website so you can have a little look! …totally worth it!! Copyright.  Copyright grew up in Bristol and began his work at a young age and has gained a wide fan base! His work proved hugely popular when it was shown in a gallery on The Apprentice so I hope you enjoy!

Another artist that I found was Dones Ad.

I love this! I like that the drawings are very childlike unlike the realistic and fantastically drawn hands. This piece of art would be perfect for the outside of a Nursery or even a part of a Primary School as it has a very child like feel.

For more, check out this site. Dones Ad

Another few pieces of work caught my eye by an artist known as Dan.

I found this piece of art quite funny! and brilliant at the same time! I love star wars so this captured the eye of my more geeky side. Check out this link for more amazing pieces of work!  Dan

Another artist that caught my eye was 45RPM.

A lot of this artist pieces of work feature this iconic owl and it is featured in many different colours and has many different designs. I think that having a simple iconic piece such as this, it really makes the artist become much more well-known. Furthermore, it is a very interesting piece of art and I really like it!  For some more wonderful pieces of art from this artist, check out this link! 45RPM


This piece of art is by Mr Jago & Soker. I love the vibrant colours and an expressive sort of design. Incredibly eye-catching!

Here is a link for the artist Soker and here is a link for Mr Jago

Well that’s just a few artists from this site that I really like but there is many more there that I also love! I really like street art, the colours, the designs, the graphic style etc really captures my eye! If I could do it outside, I would try but for now, I think I shall stick to a sketchbook or a canvas!

For more fantastic street art, check out this site if you haven’t already!

Street Art

Gaming Street art!

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So, I was just browsing the internet and I came across a pretty interesting street artist. His name (or is known as) is OakOak. He is a French street artist who likes to play with the urban elements!

I really like street art! even though some people believe it to be a horrible scribble on a wall (some of it is but not a lot) but there is quite a lot of amazing street art out there! Take Banksy for example. Simple but really effective pieces of art. Also, the Berlin wall is filled with amazing street art ( as well as some little memories that tourists write!)

Here is a few images by OakOak! He has a huge selection of artwork but I am just going to show a little peek of his ‘gaming’ art!

It’s normally not a girly thing… but I do love playing games so I think this is one of the reasons that I found it pretty cool!

So there is a mixture of games such as Mario, Angry Birds and the TV show Futurama. When I first looked at a lot of his gaming art, I though it was pretty cool and quite fun to look through!

Here is a few of his other street artwork!

So there was a good few pieces of art from OakOak! Check out his blog to find much much more!! OakOak

Hope you enjoyed!

Optical Illusions: Street Chalk Art


Julian Beever

Julian Beever is a street artist who has been making pavement art for over twenty years and all over the world. His pavement drawings include a range from old masterpieces/masters to a range of original artwork by himself. He creates a distorted form of artwork so as to create a three-dimensional look when viewed from a particular viewpoint. Simply Amazing!

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Process for his 3D Chalk Art

Chalk Art Raft from a side view.

End result! Amazing!

Check out more of his work! Julian Beever. For the Chalk rafting artwork, I got some of the info and photography from VisualFunHouse.