Another peek in the sketchbook!

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So…recently I have been looking at rock formations and thinking about how I could get interesting patterns and more design ideas. Fingal’s Cave has been quite an interesting rock formation for me and it was this particular rock formation that inspired me for my pattern developments!

This is the sketch that I started my developments from!

For my development drawings, I have looked at two columns on the left so as not to over complicate my design. This is some of the styles that I have come up with!

Continuous Line with a hint of colour

I added in blocks of black so as to emphasise the shapes of the rocks in the column. Also, I feel that it makes the design more eye-catching and more interesting. To me, I think it has a sort of Aztec style to it…what do you think?

Design Ideas

For these designs, I have used black fine line pen…my comfort zone! As I tend to work more graphic, it just seems to fit in well with my styles. As well as black, I wanted to add a hint of colour so decided to make it bright and use the orange and a turquoise blue that is featured in previous pages of my sketchbook. I am happy with the results of my development drawings so far!

Repetition, A3 style.

To continue with my previous collage pieces, I felt it was only right to include little odd bits of collage. As well as this design pattern, I looked at different ways of creating another interesting pattern… Well I think they are interesting! although, I am very critical of myself so there is a part of me that knows I could experiment more!…but who knew a little tiny section of a drawing could spark so many creative ideas!

Another set of development ideas

These are another set of development drawings from the same section of the very first drawing in the post! These designs are quite sketchy but I find them quite interesting and eye-catching. Still in the same media used from the others except this time, I used a light blue pro marker to emphasise the small accents of colour.

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This is a selection of drawings and development ideas from my sketchbook. This slide show features some of the drawings above but includes more interpretations of similar designs. Hope you liked my design attempts so far! any ideas or anything that could help…let me know!


Best Gift Ever?

Art, Change By Design, Material Matters weeks lecture is based on gift giving, branding, shopping! LOVE shopping…typical girl eh? So for homework, I got asked: What is my most favourite gift that was ever given to me?

This was a hard question because each and every gift that was given to me, I have loved! Although, the one gift that really stands out was a gift given to me by my Gran. For my 16th birthday, my Gran took me to America! I had always dreamed of going over to America, in particular, New York City. I absolutely loved it! it has been one of my most favourite holidays as well as being a fantastic birthday present. I was in New York City for only three days but I enjoyed every second of it!

We went for three amazing weeks and during that time, we visited New York City and Maine. Although, we were based in Connecticut as we stayed with my great Aunt and Uncle. I really enjoyed staying with my Aunt and Uncle because I got the chance to get to know more of my dad’s side of the family and hear the many interesting stories! It was great because my Aunt and Uncle are originally Scottish but live in America so we came over, my gran had brought over some traditional Scottish gifts that they know and love..and miss! Things like potatoe scones, Shortbread and very funny coasters that had old slang Scottish words on them. Words like: Crabbit, Numpty…you name it! that gift certainly made them laugh! So when we had tea, we were each given a coaster and mines was Glaikit (the meaning was underneath so when I was reading it, I laughed!)

Old Scottish Words

While in New York, we visited many of the top tourist attractions such as: The Empire State Building, Rockafella Centre, Central Park, Greenwich Village, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and many more!

Statue of Liberty

skyline. NY

Grand Central. NY

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I absolutely LOVED America! and I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t visited before. I was lucky enough to have gone to Florida and Miami when I was 8 years old. So I would definitely recommend it. I really want to go back and re-visit again now that I am older. Also, as I am now studying Textile Design, I feel that some of my creative skills have further improved and my eye for design has also improved so I think from the artist point of view, New York would be a very inspirational place for Art and Design. Something I would love to experience again!

Well that was one of the main gifts that stood out for me although, there is way too many to choose from as I have loved each gift that was given to me! In this case, I’d like to thank my Gran for taking me and let her know I love her so much! she probably won’t see it but I owe it to her to mention it! It was a great present and I am very lucky to have been able to experience it!.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling of some of my memories! more next time 🙂

Little sketch of the rock formation!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

So, as I have been basing my brief on Geology, I have been looking at crystals, fossils and rock formations. I have previously been focused on crystals and fossils because I found the shapes and colours quite interesting and inspiring! So I have decided to look at some rock formations, in particular, Fingal’s Cave in Straffa. Reason being…it’s not your ordinary rock formation! the effects of the natural environment have caused the rocks to be shaped quite uniquely. They are all hexagonal shaped. If you haven’t seen my blog post for Fingal’s cave or want to remind yourself of it, here is a link to take you back! Fingal’s Cave: Mysterious!

The other day, I started a sketch based on the grand entrance of Fingal’s cave. I decided to draw this in only black fine liner because I find that I have much more control in my drawing and I really enjoy using fine liner. My comfort zone so to speak.

 – Sketch. Fine Liner 0.3 nib, grey/green paper as background.
From this sketch, I then started to think about development pieces so, I decided to take a section from this drawing and use it for a cut out piece. I used the same background paper but added some white acrylic paint to give it some texture and add a contrast. I only took a section because i didn’t want it to become over complicated. Also, for this drawing, I wanted to focus on mark making so I could start to develop my ideas. I found this exercise quite beneficial as i found that a lot of my work is quite linear and that pattern/mark runs through a lot of my drawings. I am really pleased with the outcome for both drawings! although, I should steer away from my comfort zone a little more!
Well this was a little bit into the rock formation side of my theme…something I am definitely going to look more into!
More Later!

In the studio…

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In the studio this week, I have been looking at the art of Mixed media. I have been currently working on some simple fabric manipulations and experimented with dying up fabric. I took my colour choices from one of my paintings in my sketchbook as I love the bright and bold Kingfisher blue. The colours in that painting compliment each other very nicely and I am extremely pleased with its overall turn out.

This was the rock/crystal that inspired me for this painting. I love the colours that are laced through it and I think that this will help my project obtain an eye-catching colour palette and look!

When I first started this painting, I was intending to focus on the colours and shapes only as I had a lot of previous drawings that focused on the intricate details. I loved its turn out as I think that the bright blue is very eye-catching and helps make the painting much more interesting to look at. As well as the bright blue, I also really like the surrounding colours because I think they are quite different to what I have been focusing on. These colours relate the my views on rock formations because they aren’t as bright but still look quite beautiful.

From this painting, I took this colour scheme and decided to dye some of my fabric for my fabric manipulations. Aswell as using the dyes, I wanted to concentrate on the different shapes and textures of some of the drawings in my sketchbooks. I have really enjoyed making my fabric manipulations as it has given me the chance to really experiment with different sewing techniques and I think it has helped give me a clearer view of what I could really do in my project!

These are my fabric manipulations so far! I know that with more practice, I will be able to further develop my skills but for my first week in mixed media, I think they turned out alright! I have quite a bad habit of being very over critical of myself but I thought that I would put these samples up just to show what the studio has been like this week. I have really enjoyed mixed media so far and can’t wait to try some new dye techniques!

Until next time!

Stairway to Paper Heaven

Assignments, Material Matters

So last Tuesday, I was assigned a two-day intense project that would last until 5pm on Wednesday afternoon. For this project, each design course was split up and mixed into several different teams so that we could get to see the different styles and design approaches from each design specialism. The courses that got mixed were : Textile Design, Jewellery and Metal Design (JMD) and Interior and Environmental Design (IED). I was put into team 10 with Colin Adams (Interior and Environmental Design) and Catherine Ritchie ( Jewellery and Metal Design).

I found his project quite fun and interesting! It was something different to what we had been doing for a few weeks now so it was good to take a small break and venture into something new and creative! Our brief for this project was basically about making a paper structure with A4 printer paper. It could be anything from an installation in the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design building to a fashion garment made entirely of paper. Being a Textile student, I loved the idea of making a paper garment again ( despite it being a nightmare a times due to the overall quality of the paper) However, as a team, we agreed on an installation that highlighted the well-lit areas of the art school. For example, large windows, our large glass walled walkway and a staircase. These were the areas we decided to base our structure for our photographs. I think that each area inspired us and I think that they all link in extremely well with each other and have a theme of light that shines though.

This is a sketch of our main idea. It is based around a paper game that is very popular in primary school and young children!

This paper form idea came from the Paper Fortune Teller game that was often made in school. I loved this idea as it beings back the childhood memories and no matter what, I think that it makes me smile because when I did them in school, I always wanted to make them really nice, colourful or even include little jokes!

Paper Fortunes!

So, here is a little gallery showing all of our designs and processes! Paper making fun!

For our final placements, we decided on a large Window in the Crawford Building, the walkway between the Matthew Building and the Crawford Building and a staircase in the Matthew Building. The two most confusing and maze like buildings ever! Here is our Window installation.

This is our walkway installation! (Walk this way!….fitting in with the rock theme title…no? Sadly had none for Window.)

And finally, this is our last installation on the stairway!

I found this project a lot of fun and it shows that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything! even out of just plain white printer paper! This project inspired me to start thinking about using paper within my project as I feel it works well with my geometrical shapes. Hope you enjoyed!

Peek in the Sketchbook!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work

Hello! so today in the studio, I have been trying to develop some of my Photoshop print designs from the previous post. They relate very well I think! or I hope anyways! I really liked the end result of the drawings because they produce a different effect to the original Photoshop designs. I know it was a bit strange to make the designs on Photoshop rather than draw the drawings out first but it seemed to work well for me and gave me the inspiration for my sketchbook development drawings.

So here is a few of the drawings that I created today and some drawings over our reading week last week!

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I looked at the negative shapes but instead of a darker background, I have used lighter colours so as to relate with the brighter colours of my theme. I continued to experiment with collage as it seems to be working very well with my work at the moment. I really like working with collage as I think every piece is very different and more unique to the next! I really liked the results of these and I think they will continue to help give me more inspiration for my final design process.

Hope you like what I have so far so more from my sketchbook later!

My Print ideas

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

Today, I was in the Media Lab again experimenting with the many different effects on Adobe Photoshop. Today has actually been quite interesting and fun! I love just sitting on Photoshop and creating many different designs with just the simple click of a button. Also, I started to really experiment with the effects and I have tried to achieve something quite unique and interesting. Furthermore, I feel that with Photoshop, you can really develop your ideas a lot better and it gives me an idea of what kind of things I would like to continue on in my development sketchbook.

Here are some designs that I have worked on today!

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These are just a selection of designs from Adobe Photoshop that I created in class today. I am really pleased with the results and I feel they relate well with each other!

I am still experimenting and familiarising myself with Photoshop but if there is any techniques or things that I could improve on, let me know!

Happy Editing!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

Today in the media lab, I got introduced to the digital side of our project and how to create different designs via Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have used Photoshop many times before and luckily, Adobe Photoshop Elements came free with my laptop! So, I try to get as much use out of Photoshop as I can since it is easily at hand. Even though I have had Photoshop for a while, I still feel like a beginner in some areas so today’s tutorial helped a lot.

Photoshop Image

Photoshop Image

This was two of the pieces that I done today once my tutorial sessions for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator finished. These were both finished and edited in Photoshop. I really like these pieces of work because I think they relate very well to my project and also, they have elements which relate to the light reflections and this could relate to the crystals in my current theme. For these two images, I layered some drawings from my sketchbook that I scanned in and then experimented with the effects on Photoshop.

I really enjoy Photoshop! as I really like the digital side to designs. Also, I feel quite comfortable using it. I love that it allows me to create designs in a matter of seconds and also being able to tweak them whenever I want without having to start all over again. No hassle at all!

From this tutorial I feel slightly more confident with Photoshop and Illustrator and I think that I will try and make as much use out of it as I can for my current project!

The Giants Causeway.

Art, Material Matters, Sketchbook Work

A few years ago, I visited a place called The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. The Giants Causeway is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption many years ago. It consists of about 40,000 Basalt Columns each shaped like a hexagonal. Like giant 50 pence pieces! They form stepping-stones from the cliff foot to deep under the sea.  There is also numerous rocks that represent something that can be human related such as, there is a huge rock that is shaped like a boot. Giant’s boot perhaps?

It is one of the top most visited tourist attractions in Northern Island and considered the fourth top greatest natural wonder in the UK. I highly recommend visiting! it’s quite fascinating and I think if I had a chance, I would return and really take in the true natural art form that it really is! great place for drawing, painting, photography etc When it’s not raining of course!

So, you may be wondering why this relates to my blog or project. As I have been looking at crystals, I also wanted to look at Rock Formations so as to achieve a variety of pattern and texture. I have also done a post that relates very much to this one as it shows images from Fingal’s Cave, on the island of Straffa. Fingal’s cave has the exact same columns with exactly the same shape as the Giant’s Causeway. However, Fingals Cave is not as accessible as the Giant’s causeway as most of it is under water and through a deep dark cave that is hard to reach.

For my sketchbook, I haven’t started developing any rock formation related drawings, only two so far! So, today, I started a piece showing the hexagonal shapes of the basalt columns in The Giant’s Causeway.

Showing the large stones by the waterside. I focused on the negative shapes and the shadows within the rocks and gaps in the rocks. I am happy with the end result and I will try to develop this idea further and experiment with many different medias. This drawing was created using a black Sharpie pen.

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The Giant’s Causeway photographs. So, I’d say, if you are ever in Northern Ireland, visit The Giant’s Causeway! Great place and well worth the visit.