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Made a paper model from a sheet we had been given today so here is my little Halloween inspired paper model!

Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Only a short post today! Happy Halloween!


Good Design, Bad Design: Take One

Change By Design

 “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak”  – John Berger

This quotation was used in a lecture that I had on Friday. Basically this quote to me suggests that we understand the world better with what we see around us.

So is the purpose of a good design to be visually appealing to its viewer? or is it something that gets the job done? I think it should be both. I think if something is more visually appealing and it is set out to do something for example, if it’s an advertisement for something, it will attract more people as opposed to something looking less appealing to the viewer/customers.

During this lecture, my lecturer was talking about how pizza flyers are the best form of Graphic Design that he had seen. Sounds crazy! There is great graphic design art out there!. In the context of this lecture though, he was right. These designs on the pizza flyers are excellent examples of ‘Good Design’. The designs shown on the pizza flyers are normally bright, bold and colourful so as to grasp the attention of its potential customers. They also display a slice or whole pizza to also get the reader’s attention which then leads them to continue on reading their menu. Very good design for the pizza companies! So overall, these pizza flyers are a good design as they grasp the customer’s attention and they do the job that they were sent out to do. Success! Whereas, if the flyers were dull, had very little colour and boring, they would not appeal to the viewer’s and therefore, not do their job thus they would be an example of ‘Bad Design’.

So to sum up this short post, I think that the whole point of this lecture was to get the designer to think about who they are designing for instead of just designing a product. For example, I think that if I was going to design something, I would design it so it had a purpose so I know that it could be useful in day-to-day life. For instance, if I were to design a dress, I would design it so it is practical but also very fashionable and appealing to its buyers.

This post was only a short and instant response to last Friday’s lecture, So there shall a more detailed response very soon! Bye!

Peek in the Sketchbook!

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Hello! so today in the studio, I have been trying to develop some of my Photoshop print designs from the previous post. They relate very well I think! or I hope anyways! I really liked the end result of the drawings because they produce a different effect to the original Photoshop designs. I know it was a bit strange to make the designs on Photoshop rather than draw the drawings out first but it seemed to work well for me and gave me the inspiration for my sketchbook development drawings.

So here is a few of the drawings that I created today and some drawings over our reading week last week!

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I looked at the negative shapes but instead of a darker background, I have used lighter colours so as to relate with the brighter colours of my theme. I continued to experiment with collage as it seems to be working very well with my work at the moment. I really like working with collage as I think every piece is very different and more unique to the next! I really liked the results of these and I think they will continue to help give me more inspiration for my final design process.

Hope you like what I have so far so more from my sketchbook later!

My Print ideas

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Today, I was in the Media Lab again experimenting with the many different effects on Adobe Photoshop. Today has actually been quite interesting and fun! I love just sitting on Photoshop and creating many different designs with just the simple click of a button. Also, I started to really experiment with the effects and I have tried to achieve something quite unique and interesting. Furthermore, I feel that with Photoshop, you can really develop your ideas a lot better and it gives me an idea of what kind of things I would like to continue on in my development sketchbook.

Here are some designs that I have worked on today!

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These are just a selection of designs from Adobe Photoshop that I created in class today. I am really pleased with the results and I feel they relate well with each other!

I am still experimenting and familiarising myself with Photoshop but if there is any techniques or things that I could improve on, let me know!

Happy Editing!

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Today in the media lab, I got introduced to the digital side of our project and how to create different designs via Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have used Photoshop many times before and luckily, Adobe Photoshop Elements came free with my laptop! So, I try to get as much use out of Photoshop as I can since it is easily at hand. Even though I have had Photoshop for a while, I still feel like a beginner in some areas so today’s tutorial helped a lot.

Photoshop Image

Photoshop Image

This was two of the pieces that I done today once my tutorial sessions for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator finished. These were both finished and edited in Photoshop. I really like these pieces of work because I think they relate very well to my project and also, they have elements which relate to the light reflections and this could relate to the crystals in my current theme. For these two images, I layered some drawings from my sketchbook that I scanned in and then experimented with the effects on Photoshop.

I really enjoy Photoshop! as I really like the digital side to designs. Also, I feel quite comfortable using it. I love that it allows me to create designs in a matter of seconds and also being able to tweak them whenever I want without having to start all over again. No hassle at all!

From this tutorial I feel slightly more confident with Photoshop and Illustrator and I think that I will try and make as much use out of it as I can for my current project!

Comfy Cosy Fall

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It’s that time of year again! Time for the scarf,gloves,hats and those cosy knitwear to make an appearance as the chilly winter weather approaches. Although, I think this weather is practically here! very chilly today…Brrrh.

I love getting my winter clothes! from digging out the wonders from the year before to buying some new cosy clothes. I have to say, my current colour for my wardrobe at the moment is quite dark so, for this winter, I hope to rectify this and get some more colour into my wardrobe. I recently bought a wine/purple maxi skirt and I have to say, I wasn’t sure at first but it is definitely growing on me! I really like that colour at the moment and from now on, I am going to learn how to organise my wardrobe and make sure every purchase will fit in nicely with my colour palette. Therefore, everything should match and it will stop me from impulse buying!

These are the colours that I really love at the moment and hope to include in my winter wardrobe!

These are the colours that I really love at the moment and I hope to include them in my comfy cosy winter wardrobe.

Here are some Fall colour palettes!

Some Fall Colours

More earth tones.

I was recently browsing on and I came across their latest Fall 2011 trend report. Perfect! something to give me all the information about the ‘in’ styles of this season! They have selected seven trends and they are: Collage Studies, Colour Forms, Parka City, Psychedelic Furs, Sixties Minutes, Spotty Service and Tux Love.

So here is a quite view of each trend!

Collage Studies – This link shows this trend! I couldn’t get the photos because they wouldn’t allow me to save so click the link for the slideshow! This trend is all about mixing patterns, different textures, colours and many different fabrics.

Colour Forms – This link showing this seasons colour forms. This trend is all about continuing the bright bold colours of the summer. Designers are mixing electric bold colour blocks so as to create a bold eye-catching graphic look. For example, a geometric black and white printed dress with a bright coloured legging or pair of tights.

Parka City – This link shows this current trend for this fall. This trend is all about practicality and being able to withstand this blistering cold weather. However, it has to be fashionable right? So, for this trend designers are making the parka suitable for an evening dress code as well as the more practical side. No matter what though, you will be nice and warm in this current trend!

Psychedelic Furs – This link shows the current trend for this seasons furs. This season, designers seem to be taking furs and brightening them up! from a tan colour to a candy pink! Enhancing this seasons colours.

Sixties Minutes – This links shows this trend for this fall. This trend shows the appearance of the Swinging Sixties. From the white stockings to the T-Strap pumps. As well as the hair-dos on this current catwalk!

Spotty Service – This link shows this current trend for Fall 2011. This trend is all about the polka dots. From all over patterns to girly sequined styles onto garments. They will always appear again and again!

Tux Love – This link shows the current trend for this Fall. This trend is all about the Tux and showing that woman can look just as good in a Tux as men can. A very sophisticated look. Check out the Yves Saint Laurent collection for more! “Stefano Pilate? His came in white with nothing underneath”.

so, this was the current seasons trends. I found them quite interesting and will definitely try to include some of them when I am piecing together my winter wardrobe!

What do you think of the Fall 2011 current trends?

The Giants Causeway.

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A few years ago, I visited a place called The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. The Giants Causeway is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption many years ago. It consists of about 40,000 Basalt Columns each shaped like a hexagonal. Like giant 50 pence pieces! They form stepping-stones from the cliff foot to deep under the sea.  There is also numerous rocks that represent something that can be human related such as, there is a huge rock that is shaped like a boot. Giant’s boot perhaps?

It is one of the top most visited tourist attractions in Northern Island and considered the fourth top greatest natural wonder in the UK. I highly recommend visiting! it’s quite fascinating and I think if I had a chance, I would return and really take in the true natural art form that it really is! great place for drawing, painting, photography etc When it’s not raining of course!

So, you may be wondering why this relates to my blog or project. As I have been looking at crystals, I also wanted to look at Rock Formations so as to achieve a variety of pattern and texture. I have also done a post that relates very much to this one as it shows images from Fingal’s Cave, on the island of Straffa. Fingal’s cave has the exact same columns with exactly the same shape as the Giant’s Causeway. However, Fingals Cave is not as accessible as the Giant’s causeway as most of it is under water and through a deep dark cave that is hard to reach.

For my sketchbook, I haven’t started developing any rock formation related drawings, only two so far! So, today, I started a piece showing the hexagonal shapes of the basalt columns in The Giant’s Causeway.

Showing the large stones by the waterside. I focused on the negative shapes and the shadows within the rocks and gaps in the rocks. I am happy with the end result and I will try to develop this idea further and experiment with many different medias. This drawing was created using a black Sharpie pen.

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The Giant’s Causeway photographs. So, I’d say, if you are ever in Northern Ireland, visit The Giant’s Causeway! Great place and well worth the visit.

Optical Illusions: Street Chalk Art


Julian Beever

Julian Beever is a street artist who has been making pavement art for over twenty years and all over the world. His pavement drawings include a range from old masterpieces/masters to a range of original artwork by himself. He creates a distorted form of artwork so as to create a three-dimensional look when viewed from a particular viewpoint. Simply Amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Process for his 3D Chalk Art

Chalk Art Raft from a side view.

End result! Amazing!

Check out more of his work! Julian Beever. For the Chalk rafting artwork, I got some of the info and photography from VisualFunHouse.



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Before I came to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, I studied a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fashion Textiles at Cardonald College, Glasgow. So, this makes this year my first year in DJCAD as I am a direct entry student. Quite scary! New city and a new course.

For this post, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show my final design from the end of my 2nd year of my HND. For my college project, my brief was “The Art of Collecting” so for this, I based my theme on the 1980’s. I chose this because my parents have a very large collection of records from bands from when they were younger. Bands such as: Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Eurythmics, Guns and Roses and so on. Furthermore, I really like a lot of the bands from this era so I think this helped a lot during my design process. I focused on the music and Fashion from this era as I think it was quite different and more daring than today although, a lot of the 80’s seems to be reappearing more frequently!

For my design process, I took a lot of my inspiration from a vintage camera I found in my loft as well as my parents old records. As my theme started developing, I started to head in a more Grunge style (Very 80’s I think). I loved how my project developed into this as I felt that I could be much more experimental and really have a lot of fun creating a grunge fabric. I used a lot of inks and a technique called Devoré to achieve this. Devoré is a technique of creating ‘cut work’ in fabric without actually cutting though. Furthermore, I think it brought out a style of work that I really enjoy and feel very comfortable with!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow is a selection of my drawings, sketchbook work and some of my earlier fabric samples and prints. This slideshow also shows my final dress design. This was my final dress design inspired by the grunge style I developed in my final design process. I hand dyed all the fabric and also Devoré the fabric (Bottom and middle layer). I decided to add a collar piece to emphasise some of the brighter colours used in my drawings and finer details within the camera.

My dress was shown in our college fashion show: Envisage and was also selected for a design competition. I really like my final outcome and I think it relates very well with my overall theme. It’s also a style that I could see myself wearing!

Hope you liked it! I sure do.

For the whole fashion show, click the link! Cardonald College Fashion Show: Envisage 2011. Album 1 and Album 2



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I love print! always have and probably always will. I have unfortunately only experienced some workshops so far whilst at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design but I can’t wait to get printing started for my current project: ‘Natural Pattern’.

So, for this post, I am going to show the successful and award-winning fashion and textiles printer, Craig Fellows. Craig Fellows is a Textiles designer who has a passion for colours and illustration and uses his fine art talents within his textile designs. He also uses a variety of different printing technique’s such as Contemporary, Traditional and Digital Printing. I think that this has been one of the many ways that has made him very successful as each technique would create a different style that is very unique. Also, I think that it would appeal to a larger audience as some people may prefer a more traditional style to a digitally printed design.

So here’s a few of his designs!





These are from his Spring/Summer Collection. Here is a few of his scarf designs!

Oh Poppy.

Struts Like a Rooster

Champagne Chicken

For more great designs visit Craig Fellows Website.