Today I have been having a little look on the internet to see what I could find…in other words, I was bored. I came across a cute little robot called Danbo! I have only ever seen it a couple of times and never really knew what it was!

I decided to look into it and find out what it was about. The cute little robot is based on a character from Yotsubato/Yotsuba (comedy Manga TV series). The little cardboard robot was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, the creator or the manga character that the robot is based on! (Yotsuba-chan)

Danbo is a short word for “Danboru”  which translates as corrugated cardboard in Japanese.

There are LOADS of photographs of Danbo so I had a hard decision of picking which ones I really liked and wanted to post here.

awwww, this is so cute.

this one made me laugh when I seen it…so definitely had to post it here!

cute kite flying!


I REALLY WANT ONE! it looks so cute and if I got one, I would love to take some of my own photographs and place Danbo in some interesting locations of my own!

if anyone knows where this little robot can be bought, then let me know!…or I may look into creating one myself. Hmm, decisions decisions.