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Hello! so I know I have posted about some street art before but after watching (online) an episode of The Apprentice about street artists, it inspired me to research into some artists that are not fully well known…YET!

One artist from the TV programme that really stood out to me was an artist known as Copyright. Unfortunately, I could not put any of his images here but here is his website so you can have a little look! …totally worth it!! Copyright.  Copyright grew up in Bristol and began his work at a young age and has gained a wide fan base! His work proved hugely popular when it was shown in a gallery on The Apprentice so I hope you enjoy!

Another artist that I found was Dones Ad.

I love this! I like that the drawings are very childlike unlike the realistic and fantastically drawn hands. This piece of art would be perfect for the outside of a Nursery or even a part of a Primary School as it has a very child like feel.

For more, check out this site. Dones Ad

Another few pieces of work caught my eye by an artist known as Dan.

I found this piece of art quite funny! and brilliant at the same time! I love star wars so this captured the eye of my more geeky side. Check out this link for more amazing pieces of work!  Dan

Another artist that caught my eye was 45RPM.

A lot of this artist pieces of work feature this iconic owl and it is featured in many different colours and has many different designs. I think that having a simple iconic piece such as this, it really makes the artist become much more well-known. Furthermore, it is a very interesting piece of art and I really like it!  For some more wonderful pieces of art from this artist, check out this link! 45RPM


This piece of art is by Mr Jago & Soker. I love the vibrant colours and an expressive sort of design. Incredibly eye-catching!

Here is a link for the artist Soker and here is a link for Mr Jago

Well that’s just a few artists from this site that I really like but there is many more there that I also love! I really like street art, the colours, the designs, the graphic style etc really captures my eye! If I could do it outside, I would try but for now, I think I shall stick to a sketchbook or a canvas!

For more fantastic street art, check out this site if you haven’t already!

Street Art


Hidden Treasure

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I was having a look through some old boxes, bags etc when I came across something that I had found for my HND Fashion and Textiles self-directed project. It was a Praktica L Camera! complete with case, holder and another lens. Probably something that would have cost a huge amount of money years ago so to be a student and find it in my loft, it was such a good find! It may not be so expensive now or it’s not the best camera out there but I really like it and it’s overall look.

I like that the camera looks quite vintage and all the different markings on the lens make it look quite interesting!

I’m still trying to figure out the camera and how to use it properly since I don’t have a manual but i’m sure it can’t be that hard right? Have put a black and white film in it so I will know if it works properly when the film is developed!

If anyone could give me any tips for this camera, then please let me know!

Getting creative with Twining’s Tea. Discover the art of tea.


Hello! I have to apologise for not posting in a while…laziness took over! Time to get back to normal though I think.

I am a lover of coffee and drink it everyday without fail…major caffine addiction! Although, recently, I have taken a liking to Tea, from herbal to everyday tea. I do love tea! anyway, this reminded me of a Twining’s advert last year that advertised Twining’s infusion teas. I always remembered this advert because I loved the way it was done!


I would actually LOVE to try this! if I had the space and a crazy amount of Twining’s tea, I would give it a go! I like how the advert created the picture from the tea itself and I think it shows a very unique type of art! This advert makes me think that tea is more than a drink, it is art. I had a post based on Latte art and now I have posted about Tea art! All the more reason to love tea and coffee.

Here is some more pretty creative adverts from Twining’s!

I really like the idea of using the loose leaf tea to make the art here! not only is the loose leaf tea very tasty but it’s also apparently a good media for art! Not permanent however but still a fun way to experiment!

Hope you enjoy!