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Tattoo Inspiration

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So recently,I have been thinking a lot about tattoos mainly because I really want one so i’m determined to get one by the end of the year (fingers crossed)…if I can actually have the will power to save money to actually get it that is! Hoping for a miracle! For my tattoo, I would like it to be of a watercolour drawing that I painted just over a year ago because it’s something that I have always liked, never been sick of the site of it (which is important!) and is something that I think will be easy to add to to create a larger tattoo design over time.

birds2 tinytint


This is the design I painted that I HOPE to get as a tattoo. The painting was created using watercolour and black fine-line pen to make it appear more graphic and much more illustrative. Also, even though the swallow is a popular tattoo design, it’s one of my favourite birds because when it’s drawn, I think that it looks quite elegant and generally quite an interesting bird! When I researched the swallow, swallow tattoo and their meanings, I got that the swallow if drawn with their wings spread, it symbolises freedom which I think is quite nice symbolism because it relates to everyone. Everyone is free and free to live their life the way they intend to! This is one of the main out of many reasons that I want this as a tattoo.

I recently got Pinterest so if you have it…find me and follow me please!


Even though I have only had it for a couple of days….I’m ADDICTED already! One of my first boards is of tattoo ideas mainly because I found a lot of photographs I like and it has obviously been something I have been thinking about.

Here are some tattoos I found that I really like! Inspiration which is pinned on one of my boards on Pinterest.


 Tattoo Inspiration





Etch a Sketch

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Hello! so as well as my main module of study at University, I had been given the opportunity to chose another from a wide selection from design and fine art modules. I decided to choose Print and Printability because I am very interested in printing and wish to learn more techniques and experience new printing process’.  So far, I have been learning a technique that I have always liked but never had a chance to do so it has been really interesting so far.

The printing technique that I have been learning is known as Intaglio Printing, also known as, etching.  For anyone who is unsure about etching, it is basically creating a design on a sheet of metal,wood etc and then putting the plate in acid so that the etching process can happen! Before the acid bath, the plate must be prepared beforehand and then placed on a hotplate so that you can apply the ground to work from. After the ground is on, you can then use an etching needle and draw away! After you have completed your design, you then place the plate in the acid bath and the acid will react and engrave the lines into the metal. However, to create different tones, you must have set times for your plate to be in the acid for example, if you want finer lines, you would only need it for a few minutes and if you want deeper, you simply leave it in for longer. Once you are happy with everything and you have you paper or material ready, it’s ready for the press and ready to be printed!

For more in depth info… Intaglio Printing only a Wikipedia link but they gave a good description!

So here is a print that I had created and started working on today!

The design I have based my Intaglio print is influenced by my summer project and a building that I seen whilst in London during the summer!

Plate design drawn into the carbon and ground.

First Intaglio print done!

Print on cream and white paper…testing different effects.

Well that was my first go and I am very pleased with the results! more soon!!

The Black Keys. What a band.

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I started listening to The Black Keys just last year and I have to say…I am addicted! They are an amazing rock duo from Akron, Ohio and formed in 2001. The group consists of Dan Auerbach (guitar and vocals) and Patrick Carney (Drums).  They began as an independent act after the duo dropped out of college and they eventually emerged amoung a range of popular rock revival artists in the 2000s. In 2011, they had sold over 2 million albums in the United States! They have a lot albums released since 2002 and their Debut album was “The Big Come Up”…which was recorded in Carney’s basement! The groups commercial break though came in 2010 with their album “Brothers”…which is an AMAZING album! so get on Spotify or YouTube and give it a listen if you haven’t already! Their most recent album is “El Camino”…which is also an amazing album! from this album, they are going to undertake their very first arena concert tour. The first of their career!

So, you may be wondering why I am talking about The Black Keys…well, I was recently looking at their website and came across a lot of their posters from various different gigs they have done throughout America and they are amazing!

and there are LOADS more! amazing artwork AND an amazing band!


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Hello! went to see Pixars latest, Brave, last night and it was brilliant! not only did I love the story and film but the graphics and animation was amazing (my arty side showing here ha!)

I won’t give you any spoilers so I’ll let you find out the wonderful story when you go see it in the cinema!…it’s awesome and I highly recommend it.

For Brave, Pixar rewrote their animation system for the first time in 25 years and to re create the lush setting of the Scottish Highlands, Pixar animators worked very hard on creating that perfect landscape many times on Photoshop. They layered different designs, patterns and shapes in layers to create a highly beautiful and realistic landscape! Now i’m not studying animation but I thought they got the design right down to a T…it was amazing!

I researched into the animation and apparently, all of the animators were introduced to the weapons used in the film and some even went to archery classes. They were also taught sword fighting. They done this in order to understand the working order of each of the weapons and I guess to make it easier for them to re create the weapons on screen!

I am a huge fan of films, especially Disney…the big kid that I am haha. I’d say disney films not only attract the younger audience but they also attract a older audience because the humour and stories are suitable for all ages and are generally just really great films! well done Disney!

Short from me today but overall…Great film! so go see it!!


Street Art

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Hello! so I know I have posted about some street art before but after watching (online) an episode of The Apprentice about street artists, it inspired me to research into some artists that are not fully well known…YET!

One artist from the TV programme that really stood out to me was an artist known as Copyright. Unfortunately, I could not put any of his images here but here is his website so you can have a little look! …totally worth it!! Copyright.  Copyright grew up in Bristol and began his work at a young age and has gained a wide fan base! His work proved hugely popular when it was shown in a gallery on The Apprentice so I hope you enjoy!

Another artist that I found was Dones Ad.

I love this! I like that the drawings are very childlike unlike the realistic and fantastically drawn hands. This piece of art would be perfect for the outside of a Nursery or even a part of a Primary School as it has a very child like feel.

For more, check out this site. Dones Ad

Another few pieces of work caught my eye by an artist known as Dan.

I found this piece of art quite funny! and brilliant at the same time! I love star wars so this captured the eye of my more geeky side. Check out this link for more amazing pieces of work!  Dan

Another artist that caught my eye was 45RPM.

A lot of this artist pieces of work feature this iconic owl and it is featured in many different colours and has many different designs. I think that having a simple iconic piece such as this, it really makes the artist become much more well-known. Furthermore, it is a very interesting piece of art and I really like it!  For some more wonderful pieces of art from this artist, check out this link! 45RPM


This piece of art is by Mr Jago & Soker. I love the vibrant colours and an expressive sort of design. Incredibly eye-catching!

Here is a link for the artist Soker and here is a link for Mr Jago

Well that’s just a few artists from this site that I really like but there is many more there that I also love! I really like street art, the colours, the designs, the graphic style etc really captures my eye! If I could do it outside, I would try but for now, I think I shall stick to a sketchbook or a canvas!

For more fantastic street art, check out this site if you haven’t already!

Street Art

A peek in my sketchbook!

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it’s been a while since I last showed some of my current project work so I believe it’s time for an update! From before, I showed some work from the first section of my project and that was drawings/paintings etc of different things that are associated with my identity and being indecisive. I had been drawing objects that mean a lot to me and thing’s that I can’t decide whether to throw away or even put away somewhere..they mean to much to me so wouldn’t want to hide them! For example, I have drawn an award from my HND in Fashion Textiles given to me by the rest of my class! so it was a very meaningful and fun award as everyone got a little hand-made textile related award.

Here is a photo of this award. I think it’s really interesting and cute! and sums me up and this theme for my project VERY well.

I recently found something else that also means a lot to me and it’s something I would never ever throw away. To make more sense of it, I have to say that I am a big fan of music, both listening and playing! I have played the trumpet since I was in 2nd at secondary school and before I decided to study Textiles, I had thought about studying music! I playing in a couple of orchestras and various bands as well. Was great fun! sadly, I do not have a lot of time to play anymore due to my course studies…sadface. Although, I have thought about bringing my trumpet up for the new semester and join the music groups in my University! So…to get to my first point again, the object that means a lot to me that I had recently found was a tuning fork. Something very random indeed but it was given to me by someone very special who is sadly not here anymore. My Grandad. So I will always treasure this object as it reminds me of a lot of wonderful memories.

This is the tuning fork!

 it’s quite a simple object but is quite meaningful to me as it reminds me of the musical memories and of course, the person who gave it to me.

So for the next section of my project, I had to develop my drawings and create some design ideas for screen printing. This part of the project had focused on the ideas of stacks of collections as I think it links with my first theme based on my collection of objects. I looked at objects such as magazines that I have collected but do not want to throw away even if I have read them already. It is something a lot of magazine lovers do so it’s a very common collectible! would definitely love to get a magazine subscription at some point. Anyway, I had also looked at the idea of Hoarding as I found out that one of the traits of hoarding is indecisiveness!…potential hoarder maybe?

One of the stacked items that I looked at that I personally don’t collect myself, was stacks of newspapers or bound newspapers. Reason being, I found a few images online that I really liked as I found them very interesting and they appealed to my style of work. I feel that my work has a much more graphic style so the mono-chromatic colour scheme appealed to me! However, for this project, I wanted to introduce some colours so I had introduced highlights of a pastel pink and turquoise. I used these highlight colours in my prints as well as well as the blacks, grey and areas of white. However, I feel it has been a bit of trial and error as I feel they have not worked as well as I would have hoped. Therefore, I think I am going to mix up a new set of colours and use some of the colours that fit in a lot better with the mono-chromatic colour scheme and work on some linen fabric as oppose to silk. Reason being, I found the silk hard to work on as the printing dye bled a lot within this fabric!….So, I am definitely going to work on something a bit more sturdy!

Here is some photographs of some current sketchbook work relating to this side of the project!


The above drawing was a development idea from stacks of collected magazines. I really like this drawing because of the interesting placement of collage and use of small highlighted colours. When I was thinking about re-doing my colour palette, I was thinking about either taking a small highlighted colour from one or two of my drawings so perhaps the above mixed media piece or this mixed media piece:

I think that some of these colours from either of the two photographs above will compliment my mono-chromatic colour theme. I definitely want to continue on with my greys, smoky whites and blacks!…My neutrals colours I think and then add a hint of a much more complimentary colour.

Have a look at some of my other photographs of current work! There is also a few of my sample prints as well but they are not finalised.

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Hoped you enjoyed this very long post! I do go on a lot sometimes..



Nikki McWilliams.

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Yesterday, in my 21st Century Designer module, I was lucky enough to hear a talk from Nikki McWilliams!

Nikki graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD), the University of Dundee. She studied fine art but also took a screen printing course at Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre after she graduated because she had always wanted to screen print and sadly missed the opportunity whilst in University. After she graduated, she first started to make badges with various different designs for family and friends but then realised that they became quite popular so she decided to sell them online. She then moved on from badges and started creating her own fantastic cushion collection!

Here is some of her badges and brooch designs!

She uses her screen printing talents to hand print each and every cushion! I think this is really personal and makes the product even more brilliant I think because it shows that she cares for each and every product she designs and sells! Her collections are inspired by British Culture and Pop-Art.

Here is a few of her great designs!

How great are these!? I especially love the Bourbon… best.biscuit.EVER!

I find these cushions really interesting and very cute! the detailing and colours are so perfect and simple and would easily make any interior very eye-catching!

All of her fantastic products are online at so have a little look! well worth it!.

Nikki has also attended a big trade fair in London called Top Drawer. She was in a section called “Spotted”. After the trade fair, she was then contacted by Selfridges in London. Massive fashion department store in London (if you have never heard of it!). So later in the year, her collection of fantastic cushions will be on sale in Selfridges, London.

If your a keen blogger or slightly addicted…like myself! Have a look at her own blog! –

So check out her website and fantastic collection of art,prints and beautiful cushion designs!


Project work so far!

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Hello again! so my project for this semester is based on Identity and Culture and for this project, DJCAD is linked with two other art schools, one of which is in Texas and another in Slovenia. It has been a really interesting project so far and I am really enjoying exploring my theme for my sketchbook work!

My project is based on how indecisive I am ( a miracle that I actually decided to do this theme!) I have been looking at different objects such as: Things that I have collected and gifts that I have kept from over the years ( Jewellery, magazines, books, perfume bottles, dream catchers etc…). I have also been looking at things that help make people make decisions such as: Coins, dice?, magic 8 ball etc. Currently looking for more decision maker objects to draw so if anyone has any ideas that would be great!.

As my sketchbook has progressed, I have started to look at stacks of things that people collect such as: newspapers, magazines, dvds, cds etc. I don’t collect newspapers but I have been drawing a few and I really like some of the drawings that I have came up with. I am currently drawing some stacks of my magazine collections and working with different media’s. I have also worked out a nice colour palette ( well, I like it!) a few pastel colours and some greys/blacks/whites that are taken from the newspapers.

I have been considering a few different ideas that I could possibly progress onto with my theme. I firstly thought of hoarding because I found out that a key trait of a hoarder is someone that is very indecisive! (like myself) and someone who is a bit of a perfectionist as they always worry that something may not be up to a certain standard. A hoarder is basically someone who accumulates objects that they think they will need in the future. I also considered looking at being superstitious and the objects associated with that as I have a few dream catchers. Finally…I have considered looking at objects that help people make decisions and then lead on to the hoarding idea.

So…that’s a bit of my project so far! take a little look at some of the photos 🙂

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