Competition Help! Fiat and DC.



From my previous post, I blogged about my recent competition entry for DC (which is still ongoing) but now I have another competition I need your help for!

This competition is for 500Patternize for Fiat. The competition required me to create a design for a Fiat 500. Again, to win, I need votes on facebook or their website which will take you to my design.

I need your help for both competitions and it would absolutely make my day if you could all vote and share the photographs! (for DC too!)

Here are the links for both competitions:

Fiat – – go to vote and type in “Triangular Craze” and just Like the like the design!

DC Shoes –

Thank you for all your help!

wpid-img_20140922_212501.jpg wpid-img_20140924_144932.jpg


DC Shoe Design. Trase



I have recently entered a design competition for DC shoes and I would LOVE the opportunity to show my design and get it produced on a fantastic pair of DCs! I absolutely LOVE the brand so it would be a huge dream of mine to win. For the decision, it’s all about the votes so can you all help me out by voting, sharing and voting etc so that I can build up and achieve my dream? Pretty please! All you need to do is click the link below and vote away! (share too!!)

Here is my design so I hope you all like it.

Thank you for helping me out, it means a lot.



Website problem!


My website has had a little hiccup and all my current photographs have been deleted! (oh no!) I am in the middle of correcting this error and my site will be up and running again very shortly.

Very sorry for the inconvenience but it will be back to normal in the next day or so.


London: Street Art Walking Tour


When I was down in London for New Designers, I decided that on my last day after New designers finished, I would take a little tour of different parts of London that I missed during my last visit.

Whilst I was down, I was recommended to go on the street art walking tour which takes place every Sunday in central London. This tour included the art of many artists including Banksy and Pure Evil (including a gallery featuring art from the artist and other street artists). This tour was very enjoyable and being a huge fan of street art, I loved getting to experience all of the hidden locations full of amazing art work.

We had walked around the area of Shoreditch which featured a lot of work including Banksy, Invader etc so here is some…of many! photographs from the tour.


SAM_2106 SAM_2107 SAM_1981 SAM_1982 1 SAM_1984 SAM_1985 SAM_1994 SAM_1995 SAM_1996 SAM_2008 SAM_2012 SAM_2013 SAM_2015 SAM_2016 SAM_2017 SAM_2018 SAM_2019 SAM_2043 SAM_2044 SAM_2045 SAM_2103 SAM_2104 SAM_2077 SAM_2064


Website Links!


Hello…very long time since my last post so I apologise! just a quick one tonight but I have recently published work onto my online portfolio sites and set up my LinkedIn account so feel free to have a look.  Thank you!

(Still trying to figure out how to put them officially on here so bear with me!)



Student Designers

Thank You!

long time no post.


Hello again! so I haven’t been able to blog a lot lately because of my looming deadline which was today…everything is handed in and now i’m FREE! until September.

I haven’t got photos yet of my complete project but once I have it back again, I will put some photos up!

So just a little short blog today. Also, I am not sure if my RSS Feed works and i’m actually not really sure how it works….Help anyone?

KONY 2012


Only a short post today!…You may or may not have heard about Joseph Kony but please watch this video about this amazing campaign!

Please help and share this video and spread the word.

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice. (From the website in which the video is from) KONY 2012


Thank you!