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Hello, for the outcome of my current project, I have to create a repeat pattern for a fashion context. I have been experimenting with Adobe Photoshop Elements in order to create a repeat so here are some of my outcomes!

This photograph is a section of the repeat that I have used. This sample has been created by hand cut paper, card and recycled scrap paper.


Digital Samples

photoshop pattern 3

Photoshop Horizontal Design




3 blue shapes 3


5 blue copy



8 blue


Geometrical Design : Bradford

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Hello! so recently I have been working on my project based on one of the Bradford Competition briefs. As I had focused on Interiors in my last projects, I decided to create designs for a fashion context. Focusing on fashion again has brought me back to when I studied Fashion Textiles two years ago so it feels good to get back into it!

For this project, I have been focusing on geometric shapes/prints/designs. My main inspiration for this project was taken from a section of my last project for the RSA Competition (Tactile Textiles: Collage and More post!) I have been focusing on triangles and various placements to make a non-directional design. Here are some of my outcomes so far!

SAM_1517 SAM_1541 SAM_1534  SAM_1566 SAM_1558








For these designs, I just experimented with cut paper and the photocopy machine! I kept to a mono-chrome theme as I wanted to highlight the designs more and for which would be best suited for printing. This process has helped me realise the designs and what I can progress on to next to develop them!

As I want to focus on fashion, I have been researching into various Fashion Designers that have created geometrical designs and prints within their collections.  When I thought of geometrical prints, my mind immediately was drawn to the Balmain Resort 2012 collection.

b balmain-resort-ss12

b la-modella-mafia-Balmain-Resort-2012-Tribal-Print-Shopping-Inspiration-2

I love this collection! the geometrical design relates very well to my project and style of work so I think that is one of the many reasons to why I am drawn to it! There are countless many more designers that feature geometrical print so it would be impossible to show them all! That was a little brief overview into my project so far…more to come!


Subculture & Style Tribes

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On Thursday afternoon, I had a workshop for my 21st Century Design module that was based on subculture. Subculture is a distinct social group within a wider social culture that has a distinct behaviour etc. For example, a group of “punk rockers” within a larger social culture. There is a few things that make these groups stand out with the wider social culture and they are:

  • Identity 
  • Aesthetics – distinctive style, for example, with the “punk rockers” it could be leather, spikes on clothing/accessories/band t-shirts etc.
  • Commitment – committed to a thing that happens in everyday life.
  • Distinctiveness – members that not only have similar styles but similar tastes, ideas, values and beliefs (a truly committed group!)

I also learned about Style Tribes! Style tribes are people who are grouped together based on their style. You may be wondering what these Style Tribes could be? well…here is a selection of different style tribes!:

  • New Romantics
  • Steam punk
  • Death rocker
  • Cyber Goth
  • Lolita
  • Emo
  • Punks
  • Pin Ups
  • Primitive

and many many more! it’s really based on the styles of groups of people so there could be hundreds of different styles out there! Here is a few photographs of a few of the Style tribes from the above list! :

New Romantic

Pin Ups



So that was a few examples of some of my above mentioned style tribes.

So the task for this workshop was to creat our own or dream style tribe for our particular product. As I am a Textile Design student, I have a few possibilities for a product as I could design for fashion, interior etc. From thinking in a more fashion based perspective, I started to think about a possible style tribe that I could imagine my own product being sold to. I thought about different things when scanned some current magazines and decided that I would like to create a much more casual but edgy collection so I think my target audience would be late teens – to early 20s. This is a very rough draft from the workshop!

When I was looking through some magazines, I was looking for something casual but edgy! I then started to think about the “surfer look”. Well, the reason for this, I watch a very well-known TV show called’s awesome! but there is a character called Ivy and she is what you call a surfer girl. From watching this show, I found that I really liked her style because it was so laid back, casual “thrown on” look. Also, she styled it up with different accessories as well so I think that my dream style tribe would be the “surfer girl”!



That’s just some examples from the “Ivy” character in 90210! I think that this actress has great style both on the show and off and I find her style really cool and interesting! definitely a style that I could see myself wearing. I think I do wear some of this style…I think. I’m very much a fan of denim shorts and have a fair few!…some in some different colours aswell!. I think the that this look also has a sort of indie/slight light punk style to it and I think that could be the edge in the look that I would like to go for when designing a product.

So that was just a little insight to my thoughts on my ideal style tribe! hope you like this look as much as I do. Depending on my product however, my ideal audience will probably have a range of age groups so i’ll just have to see what happens!

Hope you enjoyed!

Belle ville de Paris & Premiere Vision.

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Bonjour! so this week (you may have guessed) I was in the beautiful city of Paris. I was on a study trip with my University course (Textile Design) so I was given the opportunity to visit Premiere Vision.

Premiere Vision is a top leading trade show for apparel fabrics. This huge trade show was for designers and design companies to sell their designs for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It was such an amazing experience being there! to see the up and coming colours for next year and the styles, patterns and types of fabrics. There was an amazing range of designs, fabrics and colours. A fashion lovers dream! couldn’t take any photographs but here is a link to the official site: PV First Vision

Whilst in Paris, I made the most of my day and went around and visited some famous tourist sites with my two friends! These sites included: The Eiffel Tower, The Pompidou Centre, Galleries de Lafayette (large high-end shopping centre with shops like Chanel. Gucci etc and they had a full floor dedicated to shoes!), Champs Elysees, Notre dame, The Louvre and much more!

Here is a few photographs from my trip!

The Pompidou Museum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I totally recommend Paris if you have never been, it’s such a beautiful city and there is just so much to do whilst there! you will never get bored! J’adore.

Short post but I hope you enjoyed!

TOMS. Love!

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I LOVE Toms. They have to be the most comfiest shoes that I have ever owned! As well as being a great shoe with a very good look, they also have a great cause. When I first heard about Toms, I heard about their cause and what they do for children in need.

This all started in 2006 with an American traveller names Blake Mycoskie who befriended children in Argentina. Whilst he was there, he noticed that these children did not have any shoes to protect their feet. From seeing this, he created Toms Shoes Company. A great company that when a pair of shoes is purchased in any country, a new pair of matching shoes is given to a child in need. Known as One for One. Later that year, Blake, his family and staff returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of Toms! made possible by each and every Toms customer. It shows how amazingly popular these shoes really are! Toms come in a lot of different colours, shapes and there is a huge variety to choose from. Here is a link to their site for some more information and their selection of great shoes. TOMS

The reason behind giving TOMS to these children was that most of them never had shoes and almost a lot of diseases, bacteria etc is sole – transmitted. They also protect their feet from any cuts that risk getting infected. I have never heard of any other shoes company that do this for a charity or in this case, a child in need. I think that they are very inspiring! What a great company!

So here is a few photographs of some of those pretty amazing shoes! I also found a lot of very interesting designs in amongst photographs that I have viewed!

I have navy ones just like these! mines are a little bit scruffy because I wear them a lot but I hope to get myself a new pair very soon!

Here is a few really interesting designs I found.

I think that a lot of the designs that I have found have been drawn on by either their owner or friends, family etc. I love this idea! As I am an art student and love drawing, I think the idea of creating my own design on a pair of TOMS would be a lot of fun! and a great little project. I will hopefully do it one day!

Hope you enjoyed this post. More soon!

Comfy Cosy Fall

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It’s that time of year again! Time for the scarf,gloves,hats and those cosy knitwear to make an appearance as the chilly winter weather approaches. Although, I think this weather is practically here! very chilly today…Brrrh.

I love getting my winter clothes! from digging out the wonders from the year before to buying some new cosy clothes. I have to say, my current colour for my wardrobe at the moment is quite dark so, for this winter, I hope to rectify this and get some more colour into my wardrobe. I recently bought a wine/purple maxi skirt and I have to say, I wasn’t sure at first but it is definitely growing on me! I really like that colour at the moment and from now on, I am going to learn how to organise my wardrobe and make sure every purchase will fit in nicely with my colour palette. Therefore, everything should match and it will stop me from impulse buying!

These are the colours that I really love at the moment and hope to include in my winter wardrobe!

These are the colours that I really love at the moment and I hope to include them in my comfy cosy winter wardrobe.

Here are some Fall colour palettes!

Some Fall Colours

More earth tones.

I was recently browsing on and I came across their latest Fall 2011 trend report. Perfect! something to give me all the information about the ‘in’ styles of this season! They have selected seven trends and they are: Collage Studies, Colour Forms, Parka City, Psychedelic Furs, Sixties Minutes, Spotty Service and Tux Love.

So here is a quite view of each trend!

Collage Studies – This link shows this trend! I couldn’t get the photos because they wouldn’t allow me to save so click the link for the slideshow! This trend is all about mixing patterns, different textures, colours and many different fabrics.

Colour Forms – This link showing this seasons colour forms. This trend is all about continuing the bright bold colours of the summer. Designers are mixing electric bold colour blocks so as to create a bold eye-catching graphic look. For example, a geometric black and white printed dress with a bright coloured legging or pair of tights.

Parka City – This link shows this current trend for this fall. This trend is all about practicality and being able to withstand this blistering cold weather. However, it has to be fashionable right? So, for this trend designers are making the parka suitable for an evening dress code as well as the more practical side. No matter what though, you will be nice and warm in this current trend!

Psychedelic Furs – This link shows the current trend for this seasons furs. This season, designers seem to be taking furs and brightening them up! from a tan colour to a candy pink! Enhancing this seasons colours.

Sixties Minutes – This links shows this trend for this fall. This trend shows the appearance of the Swinging Sixties. From the white stockings to the T-Strap pumps. As well as the hair-dos on this current catwalk!

Spotty Service – This link shows this current trend for Fall 2011. This trend is all about the polka dots. From all over patterns to girly sequined styles onto garments. They will always appear again and again!

Tux Love – This link shows the current trend for this Fall. This trend is all about the Tux and showing that woman can look just as good in a Tux as men can. A very sophisticated look. Check out the Yves Saint Laurent collection for more! “Stefano Pilate? His came in white with nothing underneath”.

so, this was the current seasons trends. I found them quite interesting and will definitely try to include some of them when I am piecing together my winter wardrobe!

What do you think of the Fall 2011 current trends?


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Before I came to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, I studied a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fashion Textiles at Cardonald College, Glasgow. So, this makes this year my first year in DJCAD as I am a direct entry student. Quite scary! New city and a new course.

For this post, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show my final design from the end of my 2nd year of my HND. For my college project, my brief was “The Art of Collecting” so for this, I based my theme on the 1980’s. I chose this because my parents have a very large collection of records from bands from when they were younger. Bands such as: Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Eurythmics, Guns and Roses and so on. Furthermore, I really like a lot of the bands from this era so I think this helped a lot during my design process. I focused on the music and Fashion from this era as I think it was quite different and more daring than today although, a lot of the 80’s seems to be reappearing more frequently!

For my design process, I took a lot of my inspiration from a vintage camera I found in my loft as well as my parents old records. As my theme started developing, I started to head in a more Grunge style (Very 80’s I think). I loved how my project developed into this as I felt that I could be much more experimental and really have a lot of fun creating a grunge fabric. I used a lot of inks and a technique called Devoré to achieve this. Devoré is a technique of creating ‘cut work’ in fabric without actually cutting though. Furthermore, I think it brought out a style of work that I really enjoy and feel very comfortable with!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow is a selection of my drawings, sketchbook work and some of my earlier fabric samples and prints. This slideshow also shows my final dress design. This was my final dress design inspired by the grunge style I developed in my final design process. I hand dyed all the fabric and also Devoré the fabric (Bottom and middle layer). I decided to add a collar piece to emphasise some of the brighter colours used in my drawings and finer details within the camera.

My dress was shown in our college fashion show: Envisage and was also selected for a design competition. I really like my final outcome and I think it relates very well with my overall theme. It’s also a style that I could see myself wearing!

Hope you liked it! I sure do.

For the whole fashion show, click the link! Cardonald College Fashion Show: Envisage 2011. Album 1 and Album 2



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I love print! always have and probably always will. I have unfortunately only experienced some workshops so far whilst at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design but I can’t wait to get printing started for my current project: ‘Natural Pattern’.

So, for this post, I am going to show the successful and award-winning fashion and textiles printer, Craig Fellows. Craig Fellows is a Textiles designer who has a passion for colours and illustration and uses his fine art talents within his textile designs. He also uses a variety of different printing technique’s such as Contemporary, Traditional and Digital Printing. I think that this has been one of the many ways that has made him very successful as each technique would create a different style that is very unique. Also, I think that it would appeal to a larger audience as some people may prefer a more traditional style to a digitally printed design.

So here’s a few of his designs!





These are from his Spring/Summer Collection. Here is a few of his scarf designs!

Oh Poppy.

Struts Like a Rooster

Champagne Chicken

For more great designs visit Craig Fellows Website.


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When I studied my Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fashion Textiles at college, my final project was to create a fashion garment for our college fashion show – aswell as a full portfolio! It was in my design process that I came across Balmain.

Pierre Balmain founded his house in 1945 and he was on of the designers that created the lavish couture collections after World War 2. Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga were the other designers that created these fantastic couture collections.

When I was at college, I viewed his most recent collections and absolutely loved them! I found them really inspirational and they linked in very well with my final overall design. I incorporated his ideas and made them into my own. His collection’s are absolutely beautiful and I think they represent a modern rocker-girl look. Something I could see myself wearing and I think this is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with his collections.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This collection is the Balmain Resort 2012 Collection. I really like this collection because I think that there is a great combination of colour and the overall colour palette is quite elegant but still symbolise the rocker-girl style. His use of patterns in this collection, I think, are amazing and very beautiful! I really like the geometric prints he has used for some of his garments and I think that they have helped make the collection really eye-catching. These prints emphasis the rocker-girl look very well.

For my current project, I think that this collection works very well because of the geometrical prints and bold graphic garments (dresses/skirts). This collection has inspired me and I will definitely try to incorporate some of his styles in my own work.

For more on his collections, visit this site! Balmain