The Wonders of Illusions

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so you may have noticed that my blog has gone through a bit of a new look! I am still deciding whether or not I like it so it may change again soon…damn my bad decision making skills!

As well as being a big art lover, I am also a big film lover! This became apparent to me because in my current project, my theme is based on indecisiveness and how I tend to keep things that mean a lot to me whether or not they may be any use to me or are broken! (jewellery for example). I have also been thinking about hoarding as being indecisive is a major trait of a hoarder!  Anyway…I have to say that I have quite a collection of dvds (hoarding?) and I think this fits in with my theme, the hoarding idea and of course, my love of movies!

I recently watched two films which both have a similar sort of theme and style and they are: The Prestige and The Illusionist. I seen The Illusionist before The Prestige but I loved every minute of each of the films! The stories in each are very interesting and feel like a big illusion once the story has finished (well to me anyway!). Full of big twists and interesting theories! if you have not already seen both of theses films, I totally recommend them! I do not want to tell you the whole story of each film because it would spoil the surprises if you seen them yourself.

The Prestige is about the growing rivalry between two brilliant magicians and when one magician performs the ultimate illusions, the other stops at nothing to find out his secrets and of course, the secret behind this jaw dropping illusion!

The Illusionist is a complicated love story. It is about a magician that uses his abilities to capture the love of a woman who is above his social class.

Whilst watching these movies, I loved seeing all the older fashion! From the magician himself to his assistants!

The costumes for this film and possibly for a typical show (well back then!) look amazing! they are beautifully detailed and printed. As a textile student, I guess this was one of the things that I paid attention to! well as the interesting stories! The costumes made me think of how the clothing may be put together, sewn, how much embellishment it has and so on….Costume Design would be a very interesting path to go down I think because it gives the designer the freedom to design anything on a garment. Apart from keeping in tone with the purpose it has been created for, it does not have to follow any current trends or follow any styles from a particular designer. I like the freedom to it. However, as much as I do like this path, I think that my type of work best fits with Interiors of Fashion. Part of me likes to follow instruction of what has to be done and so on but I also like the freedom to do whatever I want!

This is quite a random post but I have enjoyed sharing something that I like that may not totally relate to my studies (well, I have incorporated it a bit!) So if you haven’t seen any of the above films…WATCH them! they are amazing films that will leave you in wonder!

Hope you enjoyed!


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