Commonwealth Games 2014








The commonwealth games has been a huge part of Glasgow for the past couple of weeks so it only seems fitting to share some photographs from the brilliant atmosphere that the games has created!

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Art, Love

Hello! went to see Pixars latest, Brave, last night and it was brilliant! not only did I love the story and film but the graphics and animation was amazing (my arty side showing here ha!)

I won’t give you any spoilers so I’ll let you find out the wonderful story when you go see it in the cinema!…it’s awesome and I highly recommend it.

For Brave, Pixar rewrote their animation system for the first time in 25 years and to re create the lush setting of the Scottish Highlands, Pixar animators worked very hard on creating that perfect landscape many times on Photoshop. They layered different designs, patterns and shapes in layers to create a highly beautiful and realistic landscape! Now i’m not studying animation but I thought they got the design right down to a T…it was amazing!

I researched into the animation and apparently, all of the animators were introduced to the weapons used in the film and some even went to archery classes. They were also taught sword fighting. They done this in order to understand the working order of each of the weapons and I guess to make it easier for them to re create the weapons on screen!

I am a huge fan of films, especially Disney…the big kid that I am haha. I’d say disney films not only attract the younger audience but they also attract a older audience because the humour and stories are suitable for all ages and are generally just really great films! well done Disney!

Short from me today but overall…Great film! so go see it!!