Stairway to Paper Heaven

Assignments, Material Matters

So last Tuesday, I was assigned a two-day intense project that would last until 5pm on Wednesday afternoon. For this project, each design course was split up and mixed into several different teams so that we could get to see the different styles and design approaches from each design specialism. The courses that got mixed were : Textile Design, Jewellery and Metal Design (JMD) and Interior and Environmental Design (IED). I was put into team 10 with Colin Adams (Interior and Environmental Design) and Catherine Ritchie ( Jewellery and Metal Design).

I found his project quite fun and interesting! It was something different to what we had been doing for a few weeks now so it was good to take a small break and venture into something new and creative! Our brief for this project was basically about making a paper structure with A4 printer paper. It could be anything from an installation in the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design building to a fashion garment made entirely of paper. Being a Textile student, I loved the idea of making a paper garment again ( despite it being a nightmare a times due to the overall quality of the paper) However, as a team, we agreed on an installation that highlighted the well-lit areas of the art school. For example, large windows, our large glass walled walkway and a staircase. These were the areas we decided to base our structure for our photographs. I think that each area inspired us and I think that they all link in extremely well with each other and have a theme of light that shines though.

This is a sketch of our main idea. It is based around a paper game that is very popular in primary school and young children!

This paper form idea came from the Paper Fortune Teller game that was often made in school. I loved this idea as it beings back the childhood memories and no matter what, I think that it makes me smile because when I did them in school, I always wanted to make them really nice, colourful or even include little jokes!

Paper Fortunes!

So, here is a little gallery showing all of our designs and processes! Paper making fun!

For our final placements, we decided on a large Window in the Crawford Building, the walkway between the Matthew Building and the Crawford Building and a staircase in the Matthew Building. The two most confusing and maze like buildings ever! Here is our Window installation.

This is our walkway installation! (Walk this way!….fitting in with the rock theme title…no? Sadly had none for Window.)

And finally, this is our last installation on the stairway!

I found this project a lot of fun and it shows that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything! even out of just plain white printer paper! This project inspired me to start thinking about using paper within my project as I feel it works well with my geometrical shapes. Hope you enjoyed!