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This semester, I am currently taking a module that improves and further develops my knowledge of the business in design. This modules aims to introduce me to the enterprise culture and terminology and how to place the practice of design in a business context. This module will also teach me to develop my entrepreneurial  skills, to enhance my employability and hopefully enhance my skills to set up my own business in the future! (which I know nothing about so this module will be very beneficial to me!).

This module will give me an appreciation of the complexity of enterprise planning, management and will further develop individual group skills in the design and development of new business opportunities and ventures! Also, I will hopefully understand the nature of entrepreneurial activity and practices, appreciate key understanding for designing in the market and for a business and the understanding for both the practical and organisational skills in order to start my own business. This to me sounds like quite a challenging module but I am always up for something challenging so that I can learn from it and become a better designer.

From my last previous lectures, I have learned about what the module will be about and how to prepare ourselves for interviews with entrepreneurs and business representatives. This is in preparation for our first assignment! In our first assignment, we have been split into groups according to discipline (Textiles students, animation student groups etc). For this assignment, we have to research and contact an entrepreneur or design company and then if possible, interview them. We are currently in the midst of arranging a time to interview our designer so until then, we are preparing our questions about the business, design and how they have found working in an industry/starting up one! That is only a couple of example questions but we are awaiting our reply to begin our research into interviewing. After the interview, we will then get our research and answers together and prepare them for presentation.

That was a brief overview of what’s to come from this module so I will post more updates each week about design & the market!





Picture Perfect Moments!


Last night, I came across a particularly interesting article in The Guardian about a photographer, Taylor Jones and his very interesting blog Dear Photograph. I will attach a link to this post so you can check out this particularly interesting article for yourselves as it provides all of the information about how he began his photographs and information about his blog!

The Guardian, Dear Photograph Article

For being a Textile Design student, I also share a love for photography as I love that you can create something so amazing and store wonderful memories with just the click of a button! So, I think this is one out of the many reasons why I find this article and blog very interesting and inspirational.

In his photographs, he uses an older photograph from his childhood or in the case shown in the article, his mothers old photo album with his family memories. In his photographs, it shows him holding the older photograph in the exact same place but in the present time. Photographs ranging from people, places, objects of things from the past, to what they are like now. His photos convey his feelings at the time and can vary from sadness to happiness.

I found this blog quite inspiring and really great to look through so here is a link for you to check it out these amazing photographs! Dear Photograph

Little short post today but I hope you feel inspired like I do!

Think BIG!

Change By Design

Today I had a lecture and one of the guest speakers was Mike Press, a professor of Design Policy and Associate Head of Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design,Dundee.

I found this lecture very interesting as he was telling us that it’s not all about the look of a design but it’s the purpose it has in the world around us. It’s about the experience between the user and product and how it benefits and suits them. Which, I think, is a great way to look at a design when you are still in the process of designing it. It helps give you a goal for the end and lets you know if the product would work in the world! he taught us that a design could go out in the world and not receive any success (which could happen at some point in every designers career) but that you should always try! because, if you don’t try, how will you know if you can succeed or not?

There was a video clip shown in this lecture today about the Jeweller Vidar Hertov from Konstfack,Stockholm. He made a video where he had two Mini Coopers (one he was driving) and one that was parked by the road side. In the video, you see him approach the grey/silver Mini Copper and take out some tools and basically made a bashed circle shape on the door with a hammer. He then took an electric hand saw (I think?) and cut a shape around the actual door handle and around the circle he made. He then took out the piece of the car door and headed to the other Mini Cooper and drove away. He repeated this with another two Mini Coopers, one red and one blue. This was for a part of his studies. Bit weird I must say and for all you car lovers, possibly quite crazy! but I think it showed that you need to be brave and really believe in your work and really get it out there. It showed that you could do anything as well as your chosen skills for example, Hertov is a jeweller and he created this video piece for his studies. So overall, I think the message was about being more daring and just going for it! Also, to always think BIG! never be too ambitious and just go for it. This lecture has really inspired me and gave me more confidence in the way I set about my work and I feel that it will benefit my studies at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get” as they say!

Couldn’t get the video here sadly but here is a link to his site. It’s the 8th video in including the first highlighted one. Vidar Hertov