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For my next blog (well my first official one since the previous one was helped by my lecturer for a module) I wanted to show an illustration artist known as Johanna Basford.

Johanna Basford is graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and since then has become a successful illustrator. She has her degree in Printed Textiles (a degree that I hope to achieve! ). I really like the overall look of her work as it is quite graphic and precise. To me, her work is really inspiring & very eye-catching as it is a similar media and style that I really enjoy working with & hope to explore more within my degree course!

This is one of many piece’s of work that I find really interesting and to make it even more amazing, all her work is hand drawn as she feels that computer drawing is cold and emotionless thus, she believe hand drawn works of art show energy and excitement…just how each work of art should be!

if you want to see more, check the site out! Johanna Basford

Anyways, that was just a little insight from me…or just rambling but hope you enjoyed my (kind of) first post. So goodbye until next time!


Pillow Talk. Little Riot.

Change By Design

Joanna Montgomery, a previous graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design has recently been creating a brand new product called:

Pillow Talk! Pillow talk is a glowing pillow that allows you to hear the heartbeat of your boyfriend. partner etc if the couples do not live together or one who may be away for a certain period of time.

This designers company can be found on her site Little Riot so give it a little look and see what you think!

Check out the video …