Glasgow’s Urban Landscape

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Hello! apologises for the lack of posting…been a bit lazy this summer (oops) and been researching my ideas for my project for my final year at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and design. Since geometrical shapes catch my eye and are influenced in a lot of my work, you guessed it, they will feature in my final year project!

As I am originally from Glasgow, I have decided to research into my own cities history and architecture as it is full of interesting and unique architecture. It various from traditional buildings and sculptures that date back as early as the 1930s (and earlier) to the beautiful architecture created today. For my project, I have been thinking about a few ideas that I could possibly research further and use as my inspiration such as the Glasgow Shipyards as the trading industry and shipbuilding industry was a huge part of what makes Glasgow an Industrial city! I researched the history of the shipyards and Trading industry as well as go out and take photographs for my primary research.

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When I thought about Glasgow’s History, I thought of it’s industry and shipbuilding industry, so I was drawn to this as a first idea! The geometrical shapes and patterns caught my eye and I think that I could have a wide range of design possibilities that would fit in perfectly with my style of work.

Another idea that I have thought about is the many listed buildings and sculptures around Glasgow.  I researched the whereabouts of a few of these beautiful buildings and have still yet to go out and find more so I shall be making use of my time off to get some photography done.



Merchant City Building



Wasps Studios.



Beautiful building on George Square



Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, West End, Glasgow

glasgow_school_art_aw230509_5 Glasgow_Mercat_Cross_and_Mercat_Buildinggsa_southwest

Glasgow School of Art (Left and far Right) and Office Building (middle)



University of Glasgow, West End

P1030662_edited-719305 P1010537

St Andrews Square and Merchant City building.

These are a few of the buildings I have been looking at so far as my research is still undergoing. As well as looking at Glasgow’s Listed buildings, I have been inspired by it’s contemporary architecture such as the new Transport Museum on the Riverside as well as the many modern office buildings situated around the city centre.

Anyways! apologises again for the late post, hope you enjoy!



Geometrical Design : Bradford

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Hello! so recently I have been working on my project based on one of the Bradford Competition briefs. As I had focused on Interiors in my last projects, I decided to create designs for a fashion context. Focusing on fashion again has brought me back to when I studied Fashion Textiles two years ago so it feels good to get back into it!

For this project, I have been focusing on geometric shapes/prints/designs. My main inspiration for this project was taken from a section of my last project for the RSA Competition (Tactile Textiles: Collage and More post!) I have been focusing on triangles and various placements to make a non-directional design. Here are some of my outcomes so far!

SAM_1517 SAM_1541 SAM_1534  SAM_1566 SAM_1558








For these designs, I just experimented with cut paper and the photocopy machine! I kept to a mono-chrome theme as I wanted to highlight the designs more and for which would be best suited for printing. This process has helped me realise the designs and what I can progress on to next to develop them!

As I want to focus on fashion, I have been researching into various Fashion Designers that have created geometrical designs and prints within their collections.  When I thought of geometrical prints, my mind immediately was drawn to the Balmain Resort 2012 collection.

b balmain-resort-ss12

b la-modella-mafia-Balmain-Resort-2012-Tribal-Print-Shopping-Inspiration-2

I love this collection! the geometrical design relates very well to my project and style of work so I think that is one of the many reasons to why I am drawn to it! There are countless many more designers that feature geometrical print so it would be impossible to show them all! That was a little brief overview into my project so far…more to come!


Tactile Textiles: Collage and More

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So from my last project (and post some time ago!) I had based my theme around commuting and how I could change and make the commute a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. For this, I decided to focus on children and create a Textile/Surface design that they could interact/learn from and enjoy whilst on public transport. Therefore, making the daily commute much more enjoyable for all commuters.

Here is a link to a previous post with more information on the brief and a few photographs/drawings of sketchbook work.

Project Work So Far…

As I had never updated (due to being quite busy with the project! sorrrry) here are some photographs of my development, sketches and outcomes.























The photographs below are a few of my final outcomes and print designs for this project. Throughout this project, I experimented with a pigment known as “Puff Binder”. Puff Binder is a type of pigment used in Screen Printing. To create this effect, you apply your puff binder to your screen, pull through and then place your design underneath a hot air gun and then watch the magic happen! Once the hot air is applied, the design should “puff” up and create a three-dimensional effect. This technique fitted in extremely well with my theme as I wanted to create a design that you could interact with and actually touch instead of just observing. I think this sort of design would appeal more to children and this is why I chose to explore this technique for my project!
















Sculptural Textiles. Amazing!

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So in a lecture today, a very interesting designer came to my attention and I thought I would share! A number of various designers came up but I found this particular designers work quite interesting and very eye-catching!

Elisa Strozyk is a Textile Designer from Berlin, Germany. She studied Textile and Surface Design at KHB Berlin (Diploma) and then continued on to study Textile Design at Central Saint Martins London (Masters). Her work is quite sculptural as she uses more sculptural fabrics when creating her fantastic Textile Designs. Unfortunately, there is not a huge amount of information about her on her website but it does show some fantastic work and a list of exhibitions!

Here is a few images of some of her work!

Her wooden carpet designs. I think these are very interesting and look fantastic! I like that they appear quite simple but still make a statement in a room.

-Wooden Textiles.

I love this! This textile piece I think looks just great and really compliments its surroundings. I think that it may look very unusual because the sculptural fabric allows this pieces to be structured and placed in many different ways that would not normally happen with a normal pieces of fabric.

for more exciting pieces, check out her site! Elisa Strozyk