Geometrical Design : Bradford

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Hello! so recently I have been working on my project based on one of the Bradford Competition briefs. As I had focused on Interiors in my last projects, I decided to create designs for a fashion context. Focusing on fashion again has brought me back to when I studied Fashion Textiles two years ago so it feels good to get back into it!

For this project, I have been focusing on geometric shapes/prints/designs. My main inspiration for this project was taken from a section of my last project for the RSA Competition (Tactile Textiles: Collage and More post!) I have been focusing on triangles and various placements to make a non-directional design. Here are some of my outcomes so far!

SAM_1517 SAM_1541 SAM_1534  SAM_1566 SAM_1558








For these designs, I just experimented with cut paper and the photocopy machine! I kept to a mono-chrome theme as I wanted to highlight the designs more and for which would be best suited for printing. This process has helped me realise the designs and what I can progress on to next to develop them!

As I want to focus on fashion, I have been researching into various Fashion Designers that have created geometrical designs and prints within their collections.  When I thought of geometrical prints, my mind immediately was drawn to the Balmain Resort 2012 collection.

b balmain-resort-ss12

b la-modella-mafia-Balmain-Resort-2012-Tribal-Print-Shopping-Inspiration-2

I love this collection! the geometrical design relates very well to my project and style of work so I think that is one of the many reasons to why I am drawn to it! There are countless many more designers that feature geometrical print so it would be impossible to show them all! That was a little brief overview into my project so far…more to come!



The Giants Causeway.

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A few years ago, I visited a place called The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. The Giants Causeway is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption many years ago. It consists of about 40,000 Basalt Columns each shaped like a hexagonal. Like giant 50 pence pieces! They form stepping-stones from the cliff foot to deep under the sea.  There is also numerous rocks that represent something that can be human related such as, there is a huge rock that is shaped like a boot. Giant’s boot perhaps?

It is one of the top most visited tourist attractions in Northern Island and considered the fourth top greatest natural wonder in the UK. I highly recommend visiting! it’s quite fascinating and I think if I had a chance, I would return and really take in the true natural art form that it really is! great place for drawing, painting, photography etc When it’s not raining of course!

So, you may be wondering why this relates to my blog or project. As I have been looking at crystals, I also wanted to look at Rock Formations so as to achieve a variety of pattern and texture. I have also done a post that relates very much to this one as it shows images from Fingal’s Cave, on the island of Straffa. Fingal’s cave has the exact same columns with exactly the same shape as the Giant’s Causeway. However, Fingals Cave is not as accessible as the Giant’s causeway as most of it is under water and through a deep dark cave that is hard to reach.

For my sketchbook, I haven’t started developing any rock formation related drawings, only two so far! So, today, I started a piece showing the hexagonal shapes of the basalt columns in The Giant’s Causeway.

Showing the large stones by the waterside. I focused on the negative shapes and the shadows within the rocks and gaps in the rocks. I am happy with the end result and I will try to develop this idea further and experiment with many different medias. This drawing was created using a black Sharpie pen.

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The Giant’s Causeway photographs. So, I’d say, if you are ever in Northern Ireland, visit The Giant’s Causeway! Great place and well worth the visit.