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I have recently entered a design competition for DC shoes and I would LOVE the opportunity to show my design and get it produced on a fantastic pair of DCs! I absolutely LOVE the brand so it would be a huge dream of mine to win. For the decision, it’s all about the votes so can you all help me out by voting, sharing and voting etc so that I can build up and achieve my dream? Pretty please! All you need to do is click the link below and vote away! (share too!!)


Here is my design so I hope you all like it.

Thank you for helping me out, it means a lot.




Drawing: Florals


wpid-img_20140815_135130.jpgOnly one drawing at the moment but drawing is one form of art and design which I love! I could happily draw all day long and never ever get bored. Here is a Poppy to start off my drawing collection.EditPoppy

Digitally Industrial

Design Work, final year, Photography, Textiles

My final year project was inspired by Glasgow’s Shipyards as they are a huge part of why Glasgow is the city it is today and also,played a huge part in the worlds trading industry. From previous posts, see my photography taken as part of my research stage as it shows my main inspirations and Glasgow’s memorable landmarks.

For my final year project, I took a modern twist on Glasgow’s historical background as well as keep a sense of nostalgia through certain areas of my designs but re-introducing elements of Glasgow’s shipyards through my design work. For example, I have featured blueprint elements combined with photographic print of the Finnieston Crane. I have 3 collections: paper both hand draw and printed designs and digitally printed wallpapers 3m at length, fabric collection including two 3m length wall hangings and finally, a wooden tile collection to keep the structural element which is shown throughout my entire project.

Here is a selection from the Glasgow Shipyards collection!


IMG_0422 IMG_0419 IMG_0217 IMG_0210 46 42 41 40 39 38 37 35 34 3221 20 19 138 7 6 2 3

Inspiration:Bradford Project

Love, Sketchbook Work, Sketching/Drawing, Textiles

I recently found a photograph on PATTERNITY that I really love! It’s simple but very effective and I think it gives a lot of information for design. This photograph is from a piece of architecture (I think from the roof of a building).

Natalie Sharp

Natalie Sharp

I was really inspired from this photograph because I feel it suits my project extremley well and represents the geometric graphic print that I want to achieve in my final outcomes! Here are some sketches from sketchbook.





I used a selection of different papers for collage (recycled, heavy weight, light weight, newsprint etc) I really like this colour palette because it’s quite graphic but doesn’t have too many vibrant colours that would perhaps make it too intense. The next series of photographs are collage pieces that I was experimenting with today so that I could start to create my final outcomes. My main factors for these pieces were:

  • Placement
  • Colour
  • Geometrical Shapes
  • Repeat Design

As my brief is based for a fashion context, repeat pattern is very important and I feel the best key to an eye-catching graphic fashion print!

IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618

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Geometrical Design : Bradford

Fashion, Photography, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

Hello! so recently I have been working on my project based on one of the Bradford Competition briefs. As I had focused on Interiors in my last projects, I decided to create designs for a fashion context. Focusing on fashion again has brought me back to when I studied Fashion Textiles two years ago so it feels good to get back into it!

For this project, I have been focusing on geometric shapes/prints/designs. My main inspiration for this project was taken from a section of my last project for the RSA Competition (Tactile Textiles: Collage and More post!) I have been focusing on triangles and various placements to make a non-directional design. Here are some of my outcomes so far!

SAM_1517 SAM_1541 SAM_1534  SAM_1566 SAM_1558








For these designs, I just experimented with cut paper and the photocopy machine! I kept to a mono-chrome theme as I wanted to highlight the designs more and for which would be best suited for printing. This process has helped me realise the designs and what I can progress on to next to develop them!

As I want to focus on fashion, I have been researching into various Fashion Designers that have created geometrical designs and prints within their collections.  When I thought of geometrical prints, my mind immediately was drawn to the Balmain Resort 2012 collection.

b balmain-resort-ss12

b la-modella-mafia-Balmain-Resort-2012-Tribal-Print-Shopping-Inspiration-2

I love this collection! the geometrical design relates very well to my project and style of work so I think that is one of the many reasons to why I am drawn to it! There are countless many more designers that feature geometrical print so it would be impossible to show them all! That was a little brief overview into my project so far…more to come!


Think BIG!

Change By Design

Today I had a lecture and one of the guest speakers was Mike Press, a professor of Design Policy and Associate Head of Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design,Dundee.

I found this lecture very interesting as he was telling us that it’s not all about the look of a design but it’s the purpose it has in the world around us. It’s about the experience between the user and product and how it benefits and suits them. Which, I think, is a great way to look at a design when you are still in the process of designing it. It helps give you a goal for the end and lets you know if the product would work in the world! he taught us that a design could go out in the world and not receive any success (which could happen at some point in every designers career) but that you should always try! because, if you don’t try, how will you know if you can succeed or not?

There was a video clip shown in this lecture today about the Jeweller Vidar Hertov from Konstfack,Stockholm. He made a video where he had two Mini Coopers (one he was driving) and one that was parked by the road side. In the video, you see him approach the grey/silver Mini Copper and take out some tools and basically made a bashed circle shape on the door with a hammer. He then took an electric hand saw (I think?) and cut a shape around the actual door handle and around the circle he made. He then took out the piece of the car door and headed to the other Mini Cooper and drove away. He repeated this with another two Mini Coopers, one red and one blue. This was for a part of his studies. Bit weird I must say and for all you car lovers, possibly quite crazy! but I think it showed that you need to be brave and really believe in your work and really get it out there. It showed that you could do anything as well as your chosen skills for example, Hertov is a jeweller and he created this video piece for his studies. So overall, I think the message was about being more daring and just going for it! Also, to always think BIG! never be too ambitious and just go for it. This lecture has really inspired me and gave me more confidence in the way I set about my work and I feel that it will benefit my studies at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get” as they say!

Couldn’t get the video here sadly but here is a link to his site. It’s the 8th video in including the first highlighted one. Vidar Hertov