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Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

Today, I was in the Media Lab again experimenting with the many different effects on Adobe Photoshop. Today has actually been quite interesting and fun! I love just sitting on Photoshop and creating many different designs with just the simple click of a button. Also, I started to really experiment with the effects and I have tried to achieve something quite unique and interesting. Furthermore, I feel that with Photoshop, you can really develop your ideas a lot better and it gives me an idea of what kind of things I would like to continue on in my development sketchbook.

Here are some designs that I have worked on today!

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These are just a selection of designs from Adobe Photoshop that I created in class today. I am really pleased with the results and I feel they relate well with each other!

I am still experimenting and familiarising myself with Photoshop but if there is any techniques or things that I could improve on, let me know!


Happy Editing!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

Today in the media lab, I got introduced to the digital side of our project and how to create different designs via Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have used Photoshop many times before and luckily, Adobe Photoshop Elements came free with my laptop! So, I try to get as much use out of Photoshop as I can since it is easily at hand. Even though I have had Photoshop for a while, I still feel like a beginner in some areas so today’s tutorial helped a lot.

Photoshop Image

Photoshop Image

This was two of the pieces that I done today once my tutorial sessions for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator finished. These were both finished and edited in Photoshop. I really like these pieces of work because I think they relate very well to my project and also, they have elements which relate to the light reflections and this could relate to the crystals in my current theme. For these two images, I layered some drawings from my sketchbook that I scanned in and then experimented with the effects on Photoshop.

I really enjoy Photoshop! as I really like the digital side to designs. Also, I feel quite comfortable using it. I love that it allows me to create designs in a matter of seconds and also being able to tweak them whenever I want without having to start all over again. No hassle at all!

From this tutorial I feel slightly more confident with Photoshop and Illustrator and I think that I will try and make as much use out of it as I can for my current project!

In the Studio

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work

Today in the studio, I was trying to experiment a lot more and really try to get out of my comfort zone. My style of work is quite detailed, bold and graphic and I think this is because I have become very comfortable with media’s such as: Fine-Liners, Coloured Pens, Pencils, Sharpies, Paints and Ink’s. I feel as if I have more control over them as I really like to create exactly what I want in a drawing instead of making a mistake due to my media – such as, chalk smudging etc.

So here is a little peek of what I experimented with today! My inspiration for my drawings so far have come from crystals and rocks that I had bought from a shop in Glasgow called Opal Moon. Excellent little shop for my theme! Here is a few photographs of my objects and some paintings/drawings that have related!

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That’s some parts of my sketchbook so far! If there is anything you think that I could add, feel free to let me know!

Fingal’s Cave. Mysterious!

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For my first project as a 2nd Textiles Student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, our brief is entitled “Natural Pattern”. For this project, I have decided to approach it using crystals, fossils and rock formations as my inspiration for natural pattern. I didn’t want to just draw floral’s as I have done that before and wanted to experiment with something new and different. Crystals, Rock formations and fossils are all natural and have formed over time thus, they fit in perfectly with my brief of Natural Pattern! I am really happy with the beginning of this project so far (and the theme especially! love crystals!). At the moment, I feel that I have taken a much more graphical/geometrical approach so far and I hope to expand this idea and put my own unique twist on things.

During a tutorial, my lecturer gave me some really great advice to research a place in Scotland called Straffa. Straffa is an inhabited island near Iona and is home to Fingal’s Cave. Fingal’s Cave is a sea cave on this island. It is a very unique and beautiful cave that is sadly not seen as much by tourists as it rightly should due to it’s location. It is formed by hexagonally jointed basalt columns – similiar to The Giants Causeway in Northern Island. I went to the Giant’s Causeway when I was younger and I found it very interesting and awe -inspiring as it was not man-made and was completely formed by the natural enviroment. It was formed by three lava outflows known as the Lower, Middle and Upper Basaltic. To get so more scientific info about it all, Google the Giant’s Causeway! We love Google for the unanswerable question’s we all have.

These are images of Fingal’s Cave and the above image frames the island of Iona – quite hard to see on this image but it is in the distance somewhere! I am going to look at this source for a part of my project as it has very unique and interesting rock formations and they link in very well with the other elements in my theme – Crystals,Fossils,Rocks.

An example of some of the types of objects I will be looking at for inspiration. I recently got my own so will be experimenting with them and getting as much design possibilities as I can from them.

These are some sketches from my first sketchbook – drawings that are more recent and that have given me a better idea of what direction I want this project to go in. They are quite graphic and geometrical however, I really like to work in this way (a sort of comfort zone) and I hope to further explore this idea and experiment to make it more personal and unique. Only had my phone camera so apologies for quality!

Well this is only a little sneak peak to what I have so far so more to come later on! Bye bye for now!