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Inspiration:Bradford Project

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I recently found a photograph on PATTERNITY that I really love! It’s simple but very effective and I think it gives a lot of information for design. This photograph is from a piece of architecture (I think from the roof of a building).

Natalie Sharp

Natalie Sharp

I was really inspired from this photograph because I feel it suits my project extremley well and represents the geometric graphic print that I want to achieve in my final outcomes! Here are some sketches from sketchbook.





I used a selection of different papers for collage (recycled, heavy weight, light weight, newsprint etc) I really like this colour palette because it’s quite graphic but doesn’t have too many vibrant colours that would perhaps make it too intense. The next series of photographs are collage pieces that I was experimenting with today so that I could start to create my final outcomes. My main factors for these pieces were:

  • Placement
  • Colour
  • Geometrical Shapes
  • Repeat Design

As my brief is based for a fashion context, repeat pattern is very important and I feel the best key to an eye-catching graphic fashion print!

IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618

Rate me! or let me know what you think!




Project work so far!

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Hello! so recently, I have been doing a lot of research for my latest project in uni. This semester, I am focusing on the RSA brief “The Good Journey”. This brief asks us simply to improve our daily commute and make it more enjoyable. This brief relates very well to me because I am a regular commuter (I commute from Glasgow to Dundee every weekend) and I know some of the commuting problems that happen whilst on trains.  My aim is to create an interesting environment for families on trains using interesting and tactile print designs and create interesting textured and sensory surface designs.

Here is some photographs showing my progress so far!

Mind map for inspiration!






These images show some of my research and as you may have guessed, I have been looking into children’s games and puzzles for my inspiration!

This is my handmade dolls house made by my grandad 🙂 I loved it! …still do even though it currently lives in my loft! since I wanted to take inspiration from children’s toys, I thought this little dolls house would be a nice object to take inspiration from.





I tried to create a textured surface that is similar to the texture on the doll’s house exterior. I also found a rocking horse, a little wooden puppet and many other little toy treasures in my loft so hopefully they will provide me my inspiration for this project!

As I am looking into creating interesting surface design and create interesting tactile prints, I have been experimenting with paper to create interesting 3D pattern.




That’s my progress at the moment so there will be a lot more to come over the next couple of weeks!


Collage Madness.

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For my current project so far, I have been experimenting with collage…something I like to use a lot! as you can maybe tell from some of my previous work. I have been working on my development stages of the project so far and have taken my inspiration from a section of design that I was drawing from a stack of coins. In my last post, It shows this drawing as it is he same pattern however, instead of the black and white…I have introduced colour!

Out of curiosity, I placed the last two pieces against my window just to see the effect as they have some transparent and cut out sections.

I really liked the effect, I thought it was interesting in how it appear on the window and if it was a sunny day…sadly, I missed my opportunity as the sunny weather is gone! typical Scotland eh? anyway, I think it would have really brought out the colours within the collage.

I have been looking at birds for part of this project because as I am basing my project on Slovenian Currency, I noticed they had birds on their coins and I was particularly interested by the birds. In particular, I have been looking at the swallow and it’s wings.

This is one of my first pages of the bird theme in my sketchbook! much more to come later!

oh and there is more collage!

I focused on the wing here as I wanted to emphasise the shapes of the feathers. I really liked the outcome of this drawing and I think it has inspired me to creat more interesting shapes that I can incorporate with the currency.

So it’s safe to say that I have used a lot of collage! I do like the effect though! Promise to widen my range of media at some point.

Anyway, that is what I have so far (on the collage front anyway!) more drawings to come as deadline day is slowly approaching so I shall keep you all updated!

Fun with Collage. Printing Ideas.

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For Project 3 of my Border Crossing brief, I have been looking at the old Slovenian Currency (The Tolar) and the Euro. Recently in the studio, I have been creating some black and white drawings/ mixed media pieces so that I can create some more interesting printing ideas! So why black and white? Well…the reason for this is because when the image is black and white, it makes it easier to see and create pattern ideas! For a few of my images, I took inspiration from one of my mixed media drawings.

I took my main pattern idea from the third fine liner design down from the top. Here’s what I came up with!

That’s a few of my ideas so far…

As I am thinking about print designs, I have to think about pattern, colour, detailing and texture. I haven’t created a lot of texture so recently I have been trying to create an interesting effect with some lino/ cardboard prints! I feel that they work quite well!

From these drawings/prints, I started to think about pattern again…

That’s a few of my ideas so far.

Even though the drawings/ mixed media drawing’s look fairly simple and do not include a lot of fine details, I think they are very effective when it comes to creating some screen print design ideas. The black and white contrasting tones make it easier to create different patterns and eye-catching print ideas!

A peek in my sketchbook!

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it’s been a while since I last showed some of my current project work so I believe it’s time for an update! From before, I showed some work from the first section of my project and that was drawings/paintings etc of different things that are associated with my identity and being indecisive. I had been drawing objects that mean a lot to me and thing’s that I can’t decide whether to throw away or even put away somewhere..they mean to much to me so wouldn’t want to hide them! For example, I have drawn an award from my HND in Fashion Textiles given to me by the rest of my class! so it was a very meaningful and fun award as everyone got a little hand-made textile related award.

Here is a photo of this award. I think it’s really interesting and cute! and sums me up and this theme for my project VERY well.

I recently found something else that also means a lot to me and it’s something I would never ever throw away. To make more sense of it, I have to say that I am a big fan of music, both listening and playing! I have played the trumpet since I was in 2nd at secondary school and before I decided to study Textiles, I had thought about studying music! I playing in a couple of orchestras and various bands as well. Was great fun! sadly, I do not have a lot of time to play anymore due to my course studies…sadface. Although, I have thought about bringing my trumpet up for the new semester and join the music groups in my University! So…to get to my first point again, the object that means a lot to me that I had recently found was a tuning fork. Something very random indeed but it was given to me by someone very special who is sadly not here anymore. My Grandad. So I will always treasure this object as it reminds me of a lot of wonderful memories.

This is the tuning fork!

 it’s quite a simple object but is quite meaningful to me as it reminds me of the musical memories and of course, the person who gave it to me.

So for the next section of my project, I had to develop my drawings and create some design ideas for screen printing. This part of the project had focused on the ideas of stacks of collections as I think it links with my first theme based on my collection of objects. I looked at objects such as magazines that I have collected but do not want to throw away even if I have read them already. It is something a lot of magazine lovers do so it’s a very common collectible! would definitely love to get a magazine subscription at some point. Anyway, I had also looked at the idea of Hoarding as I found out that one of the traits of hoarding is indecisiveness!…potential hoarder maybe?

One of the stacked items that I looked at that I personally don’t collect myself, was stacks of newspapers or bound newspapers. Reason being, I found a few images online that I really liked as I found them very interesting and they appealed to my style of work. I feel that my work has a much more graphic style so the mono-chromatic colour scheme appealed to me! However, for this project, I wanted to introduce some colours so I had introduced highlights of a pastel pink and turquoise. I used these highlight colours in my prints as well as well as the blacks, grey and areas of white. However, I feel it has been a bit of trial and error as I feel they have not worked as well as I would have hoped. Therefore, I think I am going to mix up a new set of colours and use some of the colours that fit in a lot better with the mono-chromatic colour scheme and work on some linen fabric as oppose to silk. Reason being, I found the silk hard to work on as the printing dye bled a lot within this fabric!….So, I am definitely going to work on something a bit more sturdy!

Here is some photographs of some current sketchbook work relating to this side of the project!


The above drawing was a development idea from stacks of collected magazines. I really like this drawing because of the interesting placement of collage and use of small highlighted colours. When I was thinking about re-doing my colour palette, I was thinking about either taking a small highlighted colour from one or two of my drawings so perhaps the above mixed media piece or this mixed media piece:

I think that some of these colours from either of the two photographs above will compliment my mono-chromatic colour theme. I definitely want to continue on with my greys, smoky whites and blacks!…My neutrals colours I think and then add a hint of a much more complimentary colour.

Have a look at some of my other photographs of current work! There is also a few of my sample prints as well but they are not finalised.

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Hoped you enjoyed this very long post! I do go on a lot sometimes..



Another peek in the sketchbook!

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So…recently I have been looking at rock formations and thinking about how I could get interesting patterns and more design ideas. Fingal’s Cave has been quite an interesting rock formation for me and it was this particular rock formation that inspired me for my pattern developments!

This is the sketch that I started my developments from!

For my development drawings, I have looked at two columns on the left so as not to over complicate my design. This is some of the styles that I have come up with!

Continuous Line with a hint of colour

I added in blocks of black so as to emphasise the shapes of the rocks in the column. Also, I feel that it makes the design more eye-catching and more interesting. To me, I think it has a sort of Aztec style to it…what do you think?

Design Ideas

For these designs, I have used black fine line pen…my comfort zone! As I tend to work more graphic, it just seems to fit in well with my styles. As well as black, I wanted to add a hint of colour so decided to make it bright and use the orange and a turquoise blue that is featured in previous pages of my sketchbook. I am happy with the results of my development drawings so far!

Repetition, A3 style.

To continue with my previous collage pieces, I felt it was only right to include little odd bits of collage. As well as this design pattern, I looked at different ways of creating another interesting pattern… Well I think they are interesting! although, I am very critical of myself so there is a part of me that knows I could experiment more!…but who knew a little tiny section of a drawing could spark so many creative ideas!

Another set of development ideas

These are another set of development drawings from the same section of the very first drawing in the post! These designs are quite sketchy but I find them quite interesting and eye-catching. Still in the same media used from the others except this time, I used a light blue pro marker to emphasise the small accents of colour.

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This is a selection of drawings and development ideas from my sketchbook. This slide show features some of the drawings above but includes more interpretations of similar designs. Hope you liked my design attempts so far! any ideas or anything that could help…let me know!

In the studio…

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In the studio this week, I have been looking at the art of Mixed media. I have been currently working on some simple fabric manipulations and experimented with dying up fabric. I took my colour choices from one of my paintings in my sketchbook as I love the bright and bold Kingfisher blue. The colours in that painting compliment each other very nicely and I am extremely pleased with its overall turn out.

This was the rock/crystal that inspired me for this painting. I love the colours that are laced through it and I think that this will help my project obtain an eye-catching colour palette and look!

When I first started this painting, I was intending to focus on the colours and shapes only as I had a lot of previous drawings that focused on the intricate details. I loved its turn out as I think that the bright blue is very eye-catching and helps make the painting much more interesting to look at. As well as the bright blue, I also really like the surrounding colours because I think they are quite different to what I have been focusing on. These colours relate the my views on rock formations because they aren’t as bright but still look quite beautiful.

From this painting, I took this colour scheme and decided to dye some of my fabric for my fabric manipulations. Aswell as using the dyes, I wanted to concentrate on the different shapes and textures of some of the drawings in my sketchbooks. I have really enjoyed making my fabric manipulations as it has given me the chance to really experiment with different sewing techniques and I think it has helped give me a clearer view of what I could really do in my project!

These are my fabric manipulations so far! I know that with more practice, I will be able to further develop my skills but for my first week in mixed media, I think they turned out alright! I have quite a bad habit of being very over critical of myself but I thought that I would put these samples up just to show what the studio has been like this week. I have really enjoyed mixed media so far and can’t wait to try some new dye techniques!

Until next time!

My Print ideas

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Today, I was in the Media Lab again experimenting with the many different effects on Adobe Photoshop. Today has actually been quite interesting and fun! I love just sitting on Photoshop and creating many different designs with just the simple click of a button. Also, I started to really experiment with the effects and I have tried to achieve something quite unique and interesting. Furthermore, I feel that with Photoshop, you can really develop your ideas a lot better and it gives me an idea of what kind of things I would like to continue on in my development sketchbook.

Here are some designs that I have worked on today!

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These are just a selection of designs from Adobe Photoshop that I created in class today. I am really pleased with the results and I feel they relate well with each other!

I am still experimenting and familiarising myself with Photoshop but if there is any techniques or things that I could improve on, let me know!

In the Studio

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Today in the studio, I was trying to experiment a lot more and really try to get out of my comfort zone. My style of work is quite detailed, bold and graphic and I think this is because I have become very comfortable with media’s such as: Fine-Liners, Coloured Pens, Pencils, Sharpies, Paints and Ink’s. I feel as if I have more control over them as I really like to create exactly what I want in a drawing instead of making a mistake due to my media – such as, chalk smudging etc.

So here is a little peek of what I experimented with today! My inspiration for my drawings so far have come from crystals and rocks that I had bought from a shop in Glasgow called Opal Moon. Excellent little shop for my theme! Here is a few photographs of my objects and some paintings/drawings that have related!

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That’s some parts of my sketchbook so far! If there is anything you think that I could add, feel free to let me know!