Getting creative with Twining’s Tea. Discover the art of tea.


Hello! I have to apologise for not posting in a while…laziness took over! Time to get back to normal though I think.

I am a lover of coffee and drink it everyday without fail…major caffine addiction! Although, recently, I have taken a liking to Tea, from herbal to everyday tea. I do love tea! anyway, this reminded me of a Twining’s advert last year that advertised Twining’s infusion teas. I always remembered this advert because I loved the way it was done!


I would actually LOVE to try this! if I had the space and a crazy amount of Twining’s tea, I would give it a go! I like how the advert created the picture from the tea itself and I think it shows a very unique type of art! This advert makes me think that tea is more than a drink, it is art. I had a post based on Latte art and now I have posted about Tea art! All the more reason to love tea and coffee.

Here is some more pretty creative adverts from Twining’s!

I really like the idea of using the loose leaf tea to make the art here! not only is the loose leaf tea very tasty but it’s also apparently a good media for art! Not permanent however but still a fun way to experiment!

Hope you enjoy!


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