Collage Madness.

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For my current project so far, I have been experimenting with collage…something I like to use a lot! as you can maybe tell from some of my previous work. I have been working on my development stages of the project so far and have taken my inspiration from a section of design that I was drawing from a stack of coins. In my last post, It shows this drawing as it is he same pattern however, instead of the black and white…I have introduced colour!

Out of curiosity, I placed the last two pieces against my window just to see the effect as they have some transparent and cut out sections.

I really liked the effect, I thought it was interesting in how it appear on the window and if it was a sunny day…sadly, I missed my opportunity as the sunny weather is gone! typical Scotland eh? anyway, I think it would have really brought out the colours within the collage.

I have been looking at birds for part of this project because as I am basing my project on Slovenian Currency, I noticed they had birds on their coins and I was particularly interested by the birds. In particular, I have been looking at the swallow and it’s wings.

This is one of my first pages of the bird theme in my sketchbook! much more to come later!

oh and there is more collage!

I focused on the wing here as I wanted to emphasise the shapes of the feathers. I really liked the outcome of this drawing and I think it has inspired me to creat more interesting shapes that I can incorporate with the currency.

So it’s safe to say that I have used a lot of collage! I do like the effect though! Promise to widen my range of media at some point.

Anyway, that is what I have so far (on the collage front anyway!) more drawings to come as deadline day is slowly approaching so I shall keep you all updated!


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