Fun with Collage. Printing Ideas.

Border Crossings, Photography, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

For Project 3 of my Border Crossing brief, I have been looking at the old Slovenian Currency (The Tolar) and the Euro. Recently in the studio, I have been creating some black and white drawings/ mixed media pieces so that I can create some more interesting printing ideas! So why black and white? Well…the reason for this is because when the image is black and white, it makes it easier to see and create pattern ideas! For a few of my images, I took inspiration from one of my mixed media drawings.

I took my main pattern idea from the third fine liner design down from the top. Here’s what I came up with!

That’s a few of my ideas so far…

As I am thinking about print designs, I have to think about pattern, colour, detailing and texture. I haven’t created a lot of texture so recently I have been trying to create an interesting effect with some lino/ cardboard prints! I feel that they work quite well!

From these drawings/prints, I started to think about pattern again…

That’s a few of my ideas so far.

Even though the drawings/ mixed media drawing’s look fairly simple and do not include a lot of fine details, I think they are very effective when it comes to creating some screen print design ideas. The black and white contrasting tones make it easier to create different patterns and eye-catching print ideas!


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