Project work so far!

Art, Border Crossings, Sketchbook Work, Sketching/Drawing, Textiles

Hello again! so my project for this semester is based on Identity and Culture and for this project, DJCAD is linked with two other art schools, one of which is in Texas and another in Slovenia. It has been a really interesting project so far and I am really enjoying exploring my theme for my sketchbook work!

My project is based on how indecisive I am ( a miracle that I actually decided to do this theme!) I have been looking at different objects such as: Things that I have collected and gifts that I have kept from over the years ( Jewellery, magazines, books, perfume bottles, dream catchers etc…). I have also been looking at things that help make people make decisions such as: Coins, dice?, magic 8 ball etc. Currently looking for more decision maker objects to draw so if anyone has any ideas that would be great!.

As my sketchbook has progressed, I have started to look at stacks of things that people collect such as: newspapers, magazines, dvds, cds etc. I don’t collect newspapers but I have been drawing a few and I really like some of the drawings that I have came up with. I am currently drawing some stacks of my magazine collections and working with different media’s. I have also worked out a nice colour palette ( well, I like it!) a few pastel colours and some greys/blacks/whites that are taken from the newspapers.

I have been considering a few different ideas that I could possibly progress onto with my theme. I firstly thought of hoarding because I found out that a key trait of a hoarder is someone that is very indecisive! (like myself) and someone who is a bit of a perfectionist as they always worry that something may not be up to a certain standard. A hoarder is basically someone who accumulates objects that they think they will need in the future. I also considered looking at being superstitious and the objects associated with that as I have a few dream catchers. Finally…I have considered looking at objects that help people make decisions and then lead on to the hoarding idea.

So…that’s a bit of my project so far! take a little look at some of the photos 🙂

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