Gaming Street art!

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So, I was just browsing the internet and I came across a pretty interesting street artist. His name (or is known as) is OakOak. He is a French street artist who likes to play with the urban elements!

I really like street art! even though some people believe it to be a horrible scribble on a wall (some of it is but not a lot) but there is quite a lot of amazing street art out there! Take Banksy for example. Simple but really effective pieces of art. Also, the Berlin wall is filled with amazing street art ( as well as some little memories that tourists write!)

Here is a few images by OakOak! He has a huge selection of artwork but I am just going to show a little peek of his ‘gaming’ art!

It’s normally not a girly thing… but I do love playing games so I think this is one of the reasons that I found it pretty cool!

So there is a mixture of games such as Mario, Angry Birds and the TV show Futurama. When I first looked at a lot of his gaming art, I though it was pretty cool and quite fun to look through!

Here is a few of his other street artwork!

So there was a good few pieces of art from OakOak! Check out his blog to find much much more!! OakOak

Hope you enjoyed!


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