Picture Perfect Moments!


Last night, I came across a particularly interesting article in The Guardian about a photographer, Taylor Jones and his very interesting blog Dear Photograph. I will attach a link to this post so you can check out this particularly interesting article for yourselves as it provides all of the information about how he began his photographs and information about his blog!

The Guardian, Dear Photograph Article

For being a Textile Design student, I also share a love for photography as I love that you can create something so amazing and store wonderful memories with just the click of a button! So, I think this is one out of the many reasons why I find this article and blog very interesting and inspirational.

In his photographs, he uses an older photograph from his childhood or in the case shown in the article, his mothers old photo album with his family memories. In his photographs, it shows him holding the older photograph in the exact same place but in the present time. Photographs ranging from people, places, objects of things from the past, to what they are like now. His photos convey his feelings at the time and can vary from sadness to happiness.

I found this blog quite inspiring and really great to look through so here is a link for you to check it out these amazing photographs! Dear Photograph

Little short post today but I hope you feel inspired like I do!


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