Another peek in the sketchbook!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work

So…recently I have been looking at rock formations and thinking about how I could get interesting patterns and more design ideas. Fingal’s Cave has been quite an interesting rock formation for me and it was this particular rock formation that inspired me for my pattern developments!

This is the sketch that I started my developments from!

For my development drawings, I have looked at two columns on the left so as not to over complicate my design. This is some of the styles that I have come up with!

Continuous Line with a hint of colour

I added in blocks of black so as to emphasise the shapes of the rocks in the column. Also, I feel that it makes the design more eye-catching and more interesting. To me, I think it has a sort of Aztec style to it…what do you think?

Design Ideas

For these designs, I have used black fine line pen…my comfort zone! As I tend to work more graphic, it just seems to fit in well with my styles. As well as black, I wanted to add a hint of colour so decided to make it bright and use the orange and a turquoise blue that is featured in previous pages of my sketchbook. I am happy with the results of my development drawings so far!

Repetition, A3 style.

To continue with my previous collage pieces, I felt it was only right to include little odd bits of collage. As well as this design pattern, I looked at different ways of creating another interesting pattern… Well I think they are interesting! although, I am very critical of myself so there is a part of me that knows I could experiment more!…but who knew a little tiny section of a drawing could spark so many creative ideas!

Another set of development ideas

These are another set of development drawings from the same section of the very first drawing in the post! These designs are quite sketchy but I find them quite interesting and eye-catching. Still in the same media used from the others except this time, I used a light blue pro marker to emphasise the small accents of colour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a selection of drawings and development ideas from my sketchbook. This slide show features some of the drawings above but includes more interpretations of similar designs. Hope you liked my design attempts so far! any ideas or anything that could help…let me know!


2 thoughts on “Another peek in the sketchbook!

  1. I do like it — alot. Some have the feel of vertebrae, like dinosaur bones, and others like books or crystals. I like the fact that it isn’t trying to be something—that you’ve kept it abstract and open to interpretation.

    1. aw thank you! I wanted to try and not make it as pictorial so I could experiment more with the different shapes and design possibilities. It’s interesting about the feel of it looking like bones or books! makes it look more interesting! Thank you again 🙂

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