Best Gift Ever?

Art, Change By Design, Material Matters weeks lecture is based on gift giving, branding, shopping! LOVE shopping…typical girl eh? So for homework, I got asked: What is my most favourite gift that was ever given to me?

This was a hard question because each and every gift that was given to me, I have loved! Although, the one gift that really stands out was a gift given to me by my Gran. For my 16th birthday, my Gran took me to America! I had always dreamed of going over to America, in particular, New York City. I absolutely loved it! it has been one of my most favourite holidays as well as being a fantastic birthday present. I was in New York City for only three days but I enjoyed every second of it!

We went for three amazing weeks and during that time, we visited New York City and Maine. Although, we were based in Connecticut as we stayed with my great Aunt and Uncle. I really enjoyed staying with my Aunt and Uncle because I got the chance to get to know more of my dad’s side of the family and hear the many interesting stories! It was great because my Aunt and Uncle are originally Scottish but live in America so we came over, my gran had brought over some traditional Scottish gifts that they know and love..and miss! Things like potatoe scones, Shortbread and very funny coasters that had old slang Scottish words on them. Words like: Crabbit, Numpty…you name it! that gift certainly made them laugh! So when we had tea, we were each given a coaster and mines was Glaikit (the meaning was underneath so when I was reading it, I laughed!)

Old Scottish Words

While in New York, we visited many of the top tourist attractions such as: The Empire State Building, Rockafella Centre, Central Park, Greenwich Village, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and many more!

Statue of Liberty

skyline. NY

Grand Central. NY

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I absolutely LOVED America! and I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t visited before. I was lucky enough to have gone to Florida and Miami when I was 8 years old. So I would definitely recommend it. I really want to go back and re-visit again now that I am older. Also, as I am now studying Textile Design, I feel that some of my creative skills have further improved and my eye for design has also improved so I think from the artist point of view, New York would be a very inspirational place for Art and Design. Something I would love to experience again!

Well that was one of the main gifts that stood out for me although, there is way too many to choose from as I have loved each gift that was given to me! In this case, I’d like to thank my Gran for taking me and let her know I love her so much! she probably won’t see it but I owe it to her to mention it! It was a great present and I am very lucky to have been able to experience it!.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling of some of my memories! more next time 🙂


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