Little sketch of the rock formation!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

So, as I have been basing my brief on Geology, I have been looking at crystals, fossils and rock formations. I have previously been focused on crystals and fossils because I found the shapes and colours quite interesting and inspiring! So I have decided to look at some rock formations, in particular, Fingal’s Cave in Straffa. Reason being…it’s not your ordinary rock formation! the effects of the natural environment have caused the rocks to be shaped quite uniquely. They are all hexagonal shaped. If you haven’t seen my blog post for Fingal’s cave or want to remind yourself of it, here is a link to take you back! Fingal’s Cave: Mysterious!

The other day, I started a sketch based on the grand entrance of Fingal’s cave. I decided to draw this in only black fine liner because I find that I have much more control in my drawing and I really enjoy using fine liner. My comfort zone so to speak.

 – Sketch. Fine Liner 0.3 nib, grey/green paper as background.
From this sketch, I then started to think about development pieces so, I decided to take a section from this drawing and use it for a cut out piece. I used the same background paper but added some white acrylic paint to give it some texture and add a contrast. I only took a section because i didn’t want it to become over complicated. Also, for this drawing, I wanted to focus on mark making so I could start to develop my ideas. I found this exercise quite beneficial as i found that a lot of my work is quite linear and that pattern/mark runs through a lot of my drawings. I am really pleased with the outcome for both drawings! although, I should steer away from my comfort zone a little more!
Well this was a little bit into the rock formation side of my theme…something I am definitely going to look more into!
More Later!

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