Twenty second slides…Lets get presenting!

Change By Design

On Friday, it was the dreaded day of team presentations and nerves were bouncing about in the lecture theatre of the Dalhouise Building! Each team had to present their own interpretation of their RSA brief and explain their final developed idea. I am in Team 1 with Colin Adams, Susan MacLeod, Jana Smuharova, Jennifer Heilbronn and Eilidh Alexander. For our brief, we were to design a product, environment or service that eases the isolation and loneliness of older people by uniting them with people of different generations through shared interests or needs. For this brief, we decided to create an environment that would help unite the younger and older generations through different activities, demonstrations, theme nights etc. We called this “The Social Centre” as we found “community” didn’t sound as appealing to the younger generation.

The presentations were to be presentation by only a couple from each team so Jennifer and Eilidh presented for team one. Thank goodness! talking in front of a big crowd isn’t my strongest skill in the world due to having a big lack of self-confidence. However, it is something that I am trying to overcome. Dreading the day I have to face that fear! Jennifer and Eilidh done a great job and really convey our brief very well.

So you may have been wondering about the title, Twenty second slides? Well, there was a catch to our presentations and they were to be presented using the Pecha Kucha style. This involves a presentation that lasts about 5-6mins and each slide is only on display for 20 seconds.

There was a total of 13 teams and each team had a different interpretation of their own RSA brief. Each team I though was very clear and conveyed their brief very well. I think that some could actually go into a business because a lot of the ideas seem really workable in this day and age and I feel they could benefit the industry that they were designed for!

Even though this presentation was very nerve-racking, I found it very interesting and inspiring as it encouraged us to think outside our design specialism and create an environment, design or service that could help change the world around us!

so this was a little about our presentations! More next time.


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