Good Design, Bad Design: Take One

Change By Design

 “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak”  – John Berger

This quotation was used in a lecture that I had on Friday. Basically this quote to me suggests that we understand the world better with what we see around us.

So is the purpose of a good design to be visually appealing to its viewer? or is it something that gets the job done? I think it should be both. I think if something is more visually appealing and it is set out to do something for example, if it’s an advertisement for something, it will attract more people as opposed to something looking less appealing to the viewer/customers.

During this lecture, my lecturer was talking about how pizza flyers are the best form of Graphic Design that he had seen. Sounds crazy! There is great graphic design art out there!. In the context of this lecture though, he was right. These designs on the pizza flyers are excellent examples of ‘Good Design’. The designs shown on the pizza flyers are normally bright, bold and colourful so as to grasp the attention of its potential customers. They also display a slice or whole pizza to also get the reader’s attention which then leads them to continue on reading their menu. Very good design for the pizza companies! So overall, these pizza flyers are a good design as they grasp the customer’s attention and they do the job that they were sent out to do. Success! Whereas, if the flyers were dull, had very little colour and boring, they would not appeal to the viewer’s and therefore, not do their job thus they would be an example of ‘Bad Design’.

So to sum up this short post, I think that the whole point of this lecture was to get the designer to think about who they are designing for instead of just designing a product. For example, I think that if I was going to design something, I would design it so it had a purpose so I know that it could be useful in day-to-day life. For instance, if I were to design a dress, I would design it so it is practical but also very fashionable and appealing to its buyers.

This post was only a short and instant response to last Friday’s lecture, So there shall a more detailed response very soon! Bye!


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