Peek in the Sketchbook!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work

Hello! so today in the studio, I have been trying to develop some of my Photoshop print designs from the previous post. They relate very well I think! or I hope anyways! I really liked the end result of the drawings because they produce a different effect to the original Photoshop designs. I know it was a bit strange to make the designs on Photoshop rather than draw the drawings out first but it seemed to work well for me and gave me the inspiration for my sketchbook development drawings.

So here is a few of the drawings that I created today and some drawings over our reading week last week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I looked at the negative shapes but instead of a darker background, I have used lighter colours so as to relate with the brighter colours of my theme. I continued to experiment with collage as it seems to be working very well with my work at the moment. I really like working with collage as I think every piece is very different and more unique to the next! I really liked the results of these and I think they will continue to help give me more inspiration for my final design process.

Hope you like what I have so far so more from my sketchbook later!


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