Happy Editing!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work, Textiles

Today in the media lab, I got introduced to the digital side of our project and how to create different designs via Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have used Photoshop many times before and luckily, Adobe Photoshop Elements came free with my laptop! So, I try to get as much use out of Photoshop as I can since it is easily at hand. Even though I have had Photoshop for a while, I still feel like a beginner in some areas so today’s tutorial helped a lot.

Photoshop Image

Photoshop Image

This was two of the pieces that I done today once my tutorial sessions for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator finished. These were both finished and edited in Photoshop. I really like these pieces of work because I think they relate very well to my project and also, they have elements which relate to the light reflections and this could relate to the crystals in my current theme. For these two images, I layered some drawings from my sketchbook that I scanned in and then experimented with the effects on Photoshop.

I really enjoy Photoshop! as I really like the digital side to designs. Also, I feel quite comfortable using it. I love that it allows me to create designs in a matter of seconds and also being able to tweak them whenever I want without having to start all over again. No hassle at all!

From this tutorial I feel slightly more confident with Photoshop and Illustrator and I think that I will try and make as much use out of it as I can for my current project!


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