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Before I came to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, I studied a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fashion Textiles at Cardonald College, Glasgow. So, this makes this year my first year in DJCAD as I am a direct entry student. Quite scary! New city and a new course.

For this post, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show my final design from the end of my 2nd year of my HND. For my college project, my brief was “The Art of Collecting” so for this, I based my theme on the 1980’s. I chose this because my parents have a very large collection of records from bands from when they were younger. Bands such as: Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Eurythmics, Guns and Roses and so on. Furthermore, I really like a lot of the bands from this era so I think this helped a lot during my design process. I focused on the music and Fashion from this era as I think it was quite different and more daring than today although, a lot of the 80’s seems to be reappearing more frequently!

For my design process, I took a lot of my inspiration from a vintage camera I found in my loft as well as my parents old records. As my theme started developing, I started to head in a more Grunge style (Very 80’s I think). I loved how my project developed into this as I felt that I could be much more experimental and really have a lot of fun creating a grunge fabric. I used a lot of inks and a technique called Devoré to achieve this. Devoré is a technique of creating ‘cut work’ in fabric without actually cutting though. Furthermore, I think it brought out a style of work that I really enjoy and feel very comfortable with!

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This slideshow is a selection of my drawings, sketchbook work and some of my earlier fabric samples and prints. This slideshow also shows my final dress design. This was my final dress design inspired by the grunge style I developed in my final design process. I hand dyed all the fabric and also Devoré the fabric (Bottom and middle layer). I decided to add a collar piece to emphasise some of the brighter colours used in my drawings and finer details within the camera.

My dress was shown in our college fashion show: Envisage and was also selected for a design competition. I really like my final outcome and I think it relates very well with my overall theme. It’s also a style that I could see myself wearing!

Hope you liked it! I sure do.

For the whole fashion show, click the link! Cardonald College Fashion Show: Envisage 2011. Album 1 and Album 2



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