The Art of Traditional Japanese Paper Folding: Origami!

Material Matters, Sketchbook Work

I recently started to look at the traditional Japanese art of paper folding known as: Origami! Origami is a very beautiful and unusual form of art I think because each and every design, Three Dimensional sculpture and model has been made purely out of a square piece of paper or card. It’s incredible what you can do with something as simple as a piece of paper!

Check out this site for some fascinating paper folding! Origami

Origami models are made only from a flat sheet of paper or card and if glue or any cuts are made, it is not considered Origami. Origami is a series of folds, very simple but repeated in many different ways to achieve a very intricate and fascinating design!

Here are a few that I tried last night.

The Flapping Bird

Mount Fiji

The Crane

Group photo of each origami piece. The Crane, The Flapping Bird, The Turtle, Cup and Mount Fiji.

I really enjoyed making these pieces as it was a different way of working as textile design is normal related to fabrics etc. It has inspired me to try new things with my style of work and really think outside the box. Moreover, Origami I feel will be a feature throughout my development sketchbook as I hope to continue the different styles and relate them into my own designs and further develop them in my design process.

This origami process works in very well with my project brief because I am looking at crystals and rock formations and so I am looking closely at the geometrical shapes shown within these natural patterns.

This is a selection of pages from both of my sketchbooks for my current project “Natural Patterns” I am still experimenting with different ways of working but I am enjoying the experience so far! I am starting to look into collage, origami and paper manipulation a little more as I feel it fits in perfectly with my theme. What do you think?


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