Surface, Texture, Pattern and Contrast

Change By Design, Material Matters

This morning, I had a lecture entitled Surface, Texture, Pattern and Contrast. The lecture was aimed to let us think about the patterns within objects instead of approaching the object as a whole. I found this lecture quite interesting and inspiring as it showed me that not all drawings have to be pictorial views of objects, they can be showing the finer details, larger colour block areas and so on. I think that this would make the drawing much more interesting to look at as it would show the most interesting parts of an object instead of the actual object itself.

I really enjoyed this lecture and I think that one of the main reasons was because I was introduced to different designers who specialise in more interactive art.  As I am a textile student, I had not seen this before because it is not textile or fashion related however, in spite of this, I found it really interesting and quite inspiring! So, here’s an excellent example of an interactive artist!

LED Throwies

LED Throwies were developed by The Graffiti Research Lab a devision of the Eyebeam R&D Open Lab ( Click here for some more Information!).

An LED Throwie is a lithium battery, a difused LED (Light Emitting Diode) and a magnet. They are an effective way to add colour to a cold, dark, pattern-less surface. I really like this product as I think it’s quite fun and it’s a great way to get people involved in making art! A great interactive product in my opinion! To show this, here is a video showing this interactive and addictive piece of art! Enjoy!

Hoped you enjoyed this video because I certainly did! I found it really inspiring because I really liked that it got so many people involved and made the experience more fun. Also, it showed people that may not be interesting in art as much as other’s that art and design can be really fun and interesting in many different ways. These light’s are very simple but provide an effective and beautiful outcome. In this video, it showed people throwing the LED’s on the metal surface of the pub to make it more colourful and whilst they were doing this, there were people outside having a smoke but as they watched what was going on, they also joined in and starting telling the customers who were still in the pub about it. Soon after this started, more and more people came out and soon the entire pub came out and started joining in and throwing the LED’s at the metal surface. I loved this idea and I think it’s a beautiful way to brighten any cold, dark metal surface and help bring it to life! For some more information on these fantastic pieces, check out this site! LED Throwies

In relation to my Change by Design module, when I was watching this video and learning about the design, i thought about how it benefits the world around us. I think that these LED’s could help brighten up duller areas or some places in large cities that would attract tourists. Furthermore, they could also get more people involved in the art world and show them that you don’t have to have experience or any sort of talent to create work’s of art, it’s all about having fun!

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did! More on Graffiti styled art to come!


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