Mind Map Assignment 1

Change By Design

For this very first assignment, I had to create two mind maps based on the style of the mind maps in The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan. These mind maps are both based on The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. The first of the mind maps was a general mind map based on each chapter of the book and outlining each important point (either from the book or memory as much as possible!) So, here it is!

Activity 1A

Making this mind map has made The Tipping Point much more memorable as basically every chapter is laid out in front of you and you have a clear idea on what happens within each chapter without having to go back to the book again. I have went into a lot of detail but I feel that in order for me to remember every key point from each chapter, I have to have all the key information and as much facts as I could possibly cram in! Also, it made me realise that within this book, sections are repeated again and again, for example, Hush Puppies, Seseame Street…

For the next mind map, I had to pick my favourite chapter and do a detailed mind map outlining main points and references from The Tipping Point, I particularly liked the chapter: The Power of Context (Part One), Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime. So, here is the mind map!

Activity 1B & 1C

I found this chapter quite interesting (as well as some others!) but this one jumped out more when I came to choose.

Activity 1D

Bibliography of Mind Maps/The Tipping Point.

Overall, I found “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell a particularly compelling read due to his facts and the different stories involved. It made me think about his thoughts, his theories and how they effected everyday life. Some of them, when I thought about it, I could actually see happening or had happened. For example, when he discussed in detail about Connectors, Maven’s, Salesmen etc. So check it out if you haven’t read it already! The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell



2 thoughts on “Mind Map Assignment 1

  1. Those mind maps are really detailed! If I asked you to now, could you remember the main points?
    Everyone uses them differently so it’s interesting if a more detailed approach works for you. For me, one or two words is usually enough to trigger the rest…
    Glad you enjoyed the book.
    Your site is looking good! Are you going to add other sections?

    1. I think so, I think a more detailed approach has worked for me because I like to remember as much information about something as I can or else i’d forget it each time. I really like the book, was quite interesting!
      Thank you! I’ve been trying to add separate menus so I could put assignments in one section in a menu and maybe have another section for different designers or my photographs of my work but I can’t seem to get it. Bit confusing. I’ve been looking at the how to use your blog section on the Change By Design blog though and I think it’s helped me a bit more. I’l just need to get the hang of it I think!

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